Need for Speed: The Run Is Two Hours Of Racing

Uh oh. This doesn’t sound very good. According to the video review for EA’s upcoming transamerican racer, it’s only got around two hours of actual racing. That figure doesn’t include the cut scenes, menus or retries but it does account for all the actual interactive game elements.

That seems shockingly short and with the structure of the game being tied into a story, the prospect of replaying sections might be limited too. Of course, two hours of the best racer ever might be well worth retail price but that depends on NfS: The Run having something amazing hidden under its bodywork.


We’ve been trying to get review code ourselves but as yet, we’ve had no response from EA.

Source: GameTrailers



  1. I thought the demo was Weak Street myself and I love arcade racers, sounds like the Criterion entries into the NfS series will be the one’s to watch out for.

    2 hrs of game time bulked out by (IMO) a load of bullshit is shocking.

    • Personally, I’m hoping Criterion are working on a Burnout game rather than an NFS title.

      • Which they are, thankfully. They’re working on an open world racer, so a sequel to Paradise is a no-brainer.

      • How unfortunate. Fingers crossed for that Burnout HD collection.

      • Yeah same. Paradise was awesome.



      • Could be an open-world NFS, which would be cool, but I’d much prefer a new Burnout like Paradise (brilliant game), but even bigger and better.

      • +1 for Jakster’s Coldplay reference!
        Anyways, with the game being called The Run, there might be more to the game than just racing. Assassin’s Creed probably has less than 2 hours of assassination gameplay…

      • I thought that was a pata-pata-patapon reference :D

  2. I find this VERY hard to believe. We hear these figures all the time and they’re more often than not bullshit.

    Of course, it if is true, then it doesn’t bode well.

    • From huge review sites though? It’s in the GameTrailers review…

    • Yeah, just like those people saying they completed Skyrim in 3 hrs or whatever it was. Though if this is true it won’t be counting restarts etc. and if each race is about 3-4mins long, then that must be about 30-40ish races in the game. I think MotorStorm Apocalypse had something like that, and it took way longer than 2 hours for me to finish that game.

  3. TWO HOURS!? That’s just put me right off it. Why do i get the feeling that it will be padded out in an attempt to make it seem longer? :(

  4. Oooof. 2 hours?

    That can’t be true, can it? For the sake of that franchise, I hope not.

  5. 2 hours is probably why there isn’t a review code. Shocking! Seems to be a straight fight between Forza and Driver for driving GOTY.

    • Driver? Really?

      Not saying I disagree with you as I am quite enjoying it personally, but i know quite a few people that just plain didn’t get on with it.

      Not sure it’s GotY material myself tbh, but it is a fun romp.

      • Looking at the Racing games this year, it’ll certainly be up there.

      • Actually, now that I think about it, the only other driving games I have actually played this year are Motorstorm Apocalypse & Dirt 3 (I think).

        You have a point.

      • Driver was a really pleasant surprise.

      • TrackMania 2 Canyon says hi!

  6. Ridiculous, given the amount of actual time it would take to drive that distance – you couldn’t fly it in that time!!

    Not saying it should be the same as actual time, but defo more than 2 hours!

  7. Might not be all that bad – for example, Outrun lasts about 10 minutes, and I love it.

  8. Strange I read a preview today from someone who claimed he played for two hours and reached the first city (1/4 of the game).

    • I guess the thing to bear in mind is whether he meant that he timed the sections that he played & it all amounted to two hours, or if in fact he turned it on at 12:00 & switched it off at 14:00.

  9. To be honest, after playing the demo, for anyone that buys it it will probably be a godsend that it only lasts two hours.

    • Hi five

    • Couldn’t agree more. From the steady flow of racing games released over the past 12 months or so, this was the worst by a healthy margin, judging by the demo. It’d take a remarkably easy platinum trophy to get me to play any further.

  10. If this is true that’s terrible. 2 Hours of racing…in a racing game!? I really didn’t enjoy the demo for the game. The driving was just odd in comparison to Hot Pursuit which I felt was brilliant.

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