Naughty Dog Launching Killzone 3 Gear For Uncharted Multiplayer

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for gamers around the globe and before the dust can settle we’re already seeing news of DLC for the industry’s latest wave of heavy hitters, one such title being the remarkable Uncharted 3. This week Naughty Dog will be launching a Killzone 3 character pack, unlocking the iconic Capture Trooper as a playable villain, heroes now able to don high-tech helmets as worn by the ISA. American PSN users can expect the add-on to launch tonight a fair sum of $1.49, available for free to anyone who owns a Fortune Hunter’s Club pass.

ND also gave us a quick glimpse at Uncharted 3’s next content update titled “Flashback Map Pack #1,” which, believe it or not, ushers another two classic maps from the Uncharted 2 multiplayer. Both The Fort and Ice Cave (two of the game’s better online battlegrounds) will be making a return, the latter having shed its many layers of frost and snow in favour of a more overgrown aesthetic. No doubt some of you will be reaching for your torches and pitchforks already; as much as we like to celebrate retro content, Uncharted 3 has really taken the biscuit as of late, Fortune Hunter subscribers blindly paying in advance for 26 skins they probably already had access to and now two maps they’ve likely played to death. Considering that ND decided to call the pack “#1” also suggests that more recycled online arenas are on the way.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. Hopefully Naughty Dog are putting most of the resources into the next Uncharted.

    • The racer? Hope so, should be hilarious… Can’t wait to see what they do after that. (I’m assuming it’s a racer since they usually make 3 games then a racer on the franchise)

  2. i really don’t mind about the recycled content, UC2 maps are way better then anything in uncharted 3 :), and they both look great to me.

  3. any news about whether the killzone stuff will release in the eu at the same time as the us?

    • We’re guessing it should be tomorrow, considering how minor the content is. However, we’ve already seen delays with Fortune Hunter’s Pass so it’s anyone’s guess until tomorrow’s store update.

  4. I should really buy the full pass. Will be looking forward to any new or recycled maps, not interested by skins

    • Yeah same, I’ve been toying with buying it myself but I don’t know if enough people on my friends list will be getting any of the DLC.

      • £20 straight off is quite expensive. For me it will be more a case of which map packs will have my most preferred maps. Or hopefully there will be some PS+ discounts down the line.

  5. This is the reason why I didn’t bother with the pass.

  6. Cheeky yes, but I doubt it’s really ND calling the shots on this one. Sadly.
    To be honest, Ice Cave and The Fort were two of my least favourite maps in UC2. I already have the two best ones, Highrise and the nazi sub pen, in the full game!

    Anyway, I’m hoping for more value out of the hunters pack than this. £20 for 8 maps and skins is what I’d expect to pay outside of a bundle…

  7. Yeah, rather disappointing this from ND/Sony, quite glad now that I didn’t jump in on the Fortune Hunters club.

    The Fort and The Ice Cave though, huh, two very different maps. I always loved the symmetrical design of the UC2 maps, but am struggling with understanding why they’d bring back the very smallest map of UC2, Ice Cave. Surely that can’t turn out to be anything but blindfire-mayhem?

    • Blind-fire mayhem? And how is that bad? :-P

      Personally I loved Ice Cave on UC2, so I’m glad to see it making a return. :-)

  8. Loved both these maps, don’t care for the new look enough to buy them though. I think it’d be nice if maps carried across. COD and others should do it too I think.

  9. I still haven’t finished the singleplayer in Uncharted 3, and as to the online I haven’t even entered my online pass yet. This little thing called Skyrim got in the way. I will get around to it eventually, I quite liked the online in the second one. These skins and recycled maps are almost entirely uninteresting though.

    • It’s ok, I still haven’t finished the singleplayer in Uncharted 2! :)

  10. Definitely not worth the required 25 euros so far.

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