The Making Of Risen 2 ‘Episode 1’ Released

Piranha Bytes has released the first “Making Of” video for Risen 2: Dark Waters. Björn Pankratz covers the first steps of the hero in Risen 2: Dark Waters with the help of a game world map, whilst Lead Programmer Philipp Krause explains why Piranha Bytes used a terrain engine for the first time ever in one of their games. 3D Artist Sascha Henrichs explains the implications that the jungle setting entails.

To be honest, the team had me at “you get to command your own ship”. Now where’s my eye patch?

Source: YouTube



  1. Aww, they’ve built a whole little set to do their dev video from! It’s like the reenactment bits from the History channel!
    Game sounds really cool though, who doesn’t love pirates? Well, except ninjas, obviously.

    • Pirates? I’m in! The footage looks nice. I’ll keep my eyes open for this one.

  2. This looks interesting, I’ll keep my eye on this and see how it goes. Sounds really good.

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