Friday’s Final Thought: Multiplatform Games

[drop2]It’s been a busy old week, but one brought to a head with news of a couple of high profile sequels that are – potentially at least – in the works.

Those games – Metal Gear Solid 5 and Killzone 4 – would be massive draws for whichever console they appear on, but some of the comments (on the former story at least) question if there’s still a place for console platform exclusives?


Ignore Killzone – that’s clearly (if it even exists) going to be PlayStation based.  But MGS is totally up in the air.  Normally regarded as a PlayStation platform brand (perhaps slightly ignorantly) some commenters wanted a sequel to be PS3 exclusive.

We’re not so sure – the notion that having a game out on 360 doesn’t necessarily mean compromise – many multiplatform games run just fine on both.

And then there’s the thought that surely it’s best (financially at least) so get as many people playing your game as possible?  If the game needs to fit on a couple of DVDs and thus lose some fidelity across the board, will Joe Public really notice?

What are your thoughts?



  1. It’s quite clear than in ‘most’ situations, exclusives look, perform and play better than their multiplatform counterparts. It’s rarely anything to do with not wanting other people to play it as, well, they could just buy that console to play it if need be.

    From my perspective, it’s mainly about the added performance and quality that most exclusives show. Until we see cross-platform online play, I suspect exclusives will still have a big part to play.

    • Sony will often assist and subsidise situations too so it’s not always about the money either. It’s about the exclusivity to a platform and how that platform is perceived. We have to think about the bigger picture especially when it concerns huge franchises like MGS.

      Alex – you’re right to say that it doesn’t necessarily mean compromise yet we’ve seen it again and again and again. From little niggles to downright “what the f***?” moments depending on the multi-platform title.

      For nearly the entire life of the PS3 we’ve had to suffer the equivalent of that “hand me down” feeling when it comes to the 360 being the lead platform with a majority of titles. Whilst sales don’t usually suffer too much it still leaves a nasty taste in one’s mouth when the more loyal fans see what’s happened and the potential to “what could have been” if only they’d treated things differently.

      • To add to that hand me down feeling, it can also been seen with the post launch support. The lead console will get better care and patch fixes ahead of the secondary console. Or the dev teams will concentrate on the lead console and sometimes ignore the secondary one.

  2. If it’s done properly, with care and attention taken to make it the best it can be on that system then multiplatform is fine. The problem is I have yet to see a true example of this happening, one or more system seems to loose out.

  3. I’m a hardcore PlayStation so its natural for me to get angry if a PS3 exclusives goes to the Xbox 360 lol.

    • You’re a hardcore playstation? I always knew there was something weird about you!

      • *fan

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      • *reason. Auto spell failed as usual :/

      • On the iPhone 4, I don’t know what’s changed with TSA but it’s been sooooo slow to load even though other news-heavy sites load fine. Wish I knew what was causing it.

      • Same problem on my HTC Desire HD, getting extremely slow and sluggish over the past few months, unuseable at times.

  4. Multiplatform games usually run fine on both consoles, but surely it’s obvious that if all the work that was put into, say, the 360 version was put into the PS3 version instead, then the PS3 version would likely turn out better/bigger/less buggy than the multiplatform version? (And obviously the same for work from a PS3 port going into development of the 360 version).

    The other main reason that I (and probably many others) want exclusives is that, as a PS3 (only) owner, I have a vested interest in Sony doing well, as it will result in more money for them to invest in new games/hardware/updates. Having exclusives differentiates one console from the other and attracts buyers, which earns Sony more cash. I don’t want Microsoft to fail, as competition is good for consumers (without Live, PSN would be a mere shadow of what it is today for instance), but I do want Sony to “win” or at least be as successful as possible, so that they continue to do what they are doing (which I like) and not seek to change their strategy (which I might not like so much).

  5. I think exclusives can utilise the plaform it’s made on beautifully, and Metal Gear Solid 4 is and will continue to be my flaship ‘in yo face’ to show people as to what the PS3 is capale of in a time when many people were bashing it. I like the way MGS4 utilises the install system on on disk space. I wouldn’t be adversed to it being multiplatform as long as PS3 was the console on which it was designes so that the developers ‘aren’t held back by the DVD restrictions’. And also by the fact that Kojima productions will by proxy be better acquainted with the system, not to mention the fact that the main fan base is on that console so it being a PS3 exclusive may not be such a far cry from possiility as you think.

  6. With the MGS Collection having be launched on the 360, despite Kojima saying Solid Snake would never appear on the platform (regarding MGS: Rising,) it’s a given if you ask me.

    • When did he say that? Whilst MGS has always been designed specifically on PS hardware it has gone to other platforms for rereleases. The Twin Snakes on GameCube, MGS2 on Xbox and MGS3 on 3DS it’s not that unimaginable. The HD collecion is, after all, a re-release and Rising is not helmed by Kojima.

    • Yes MGS2 was on Xbox and PC.

  7. I think if a game series starts on a particular brand platform, it should stay there.
    @jayjay119: Twin Snakes was a remake of the game for gamecube so technically and stupidly not a continuance of the game series as a whole.

    The ONLY games I ever found worth playing on XB was Fable. Fable 2 on 360 was half as good and Fable 3 (puft)

    • Then Ninty would still have FF and MGS.

  8. Come to think of it If XB gets MGS, give us sony’ers Fable HD :)

    Sorry for 2 posts forgot to type more before I clicked submit

    • Unfortunately, this can’t happen. MS own Lionhead and possibly the Fable brand and I very much doubt they would ley it appear on PS3

  9. I don’t mind if an excuslive becomes multiplatform as long as the quailty of it remains excellent on both platfroms. With the MGS HD collection, it gives a lot of gamers a chance to play one of the best game franchises and obiviously brings in more cash for Konami which hopefully will be used to create another excellent new IP.

    Regarding mutliplatform games, i don’t care which platform it is the better version as i can never tell the difference plus i only own a PS3 so that’s probably part of the reason. ;)

  10. forget exclusives, gives us multiplat online gaming that would be the sweetest thing ever..Daaam u MS & your greedyness

    • Um… How is this Microsoft’s fault?

      • They made an Xbox and split the world in two? :D

      • To a PlayStation fanboy, what isn’t…? :P lol

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