GOG.com To Sell New Games, Rival Origin

Good Old Games, aka GOG, has announced that it plans to take on Steam and Origin by selling copies of new gaming titles.

Traditionally GOG has only stocked games that are three years or older, however, that’s all about to change in 2012 when the DRM-free PC game retailer aims to start distributing more recent titles. Newer games are to be charged at a higher price point, which is fairly unsurprising considering they’re – y’know – new.


Praising the move, Managing Director of GOG.com, Guillaume Rambourg, said:

“We will continue to add classic games, of course, but we are actively working to sign newer titles now.

Of course, these new titles will have to come at a new, higher price point, but our key focus will always be on the same core values that have made GOG.com great so far: completely DRM-free games, flat prices everywhere in the world, and extra content and goodies for our fantastic customers.”

The press release also states that they’re aiming to become the second largest independent digital distributor on the net. Origin might want to watch its back…

Source: Press Release



  1. Good move, Steam and GOG is the only places I buy online… Origin though >.> don’t think I’d trust EA..

  2. Hurrah!
    DRM-free is so completely backwards. It’s almost like a regression, a return to the primordial soup of gaming.

    I like soup.

    More DRM-free soup please.

  3. i wonder how many publishers will sign up though? i cant imagine ubisoft ever relaxing its draconian policies for example.

    still any competition for steam is good news, price wars mean a happy happy crocodile

    • Good point. If they wanted to ditribute their games DRM free they would do it themselves.

    • They have almost every publisher now, albeit for classic titles.

    • Just wait for a steam sale, christmas or hallowe’en (only if it’s horror), you can get games cheap as chips there… That’s what I do anyway.

  4. Im sure this will work out in the end, despite some moronic publishers, as consumer demand for DRM-free games is pretty big and evident.

    Even though Steam is awesome, if I had a choice between them and GOG it would be the latter every time :D

  5. Uhh, there was Witcher 2 on GOG and that’s hardly a classic title.

  6. “flat prices everywhere in the world”
    That’s why GOG will most certainly fail here, local marketing is vital and it’s things that both now Steam and Origin do well. Only Origin is missing out on game sales.

    • They’re not referring to local marketing, just that prices will reflect accurate currency conversions so Europeans (primarily) don’t get overcharged for games, which is honourable. Also, good marketing is able to transcend regions, although sometimes it’s understandable depending on what the developers want with marketing :3.

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