Meet the Reader: CaptainMurdo

Since you spent many years in the wilderness of FIFA and racing games (not necessarily a bad thing, mind), were there any absolute shockers that you picked up and played?

Terrible games? Hmm. I remember hating Tony Hawks Underground 2. It just didn’t do anything. There is one game I did break in two but I can’t remember it. Maybe it was FIFA after I realised I’d been buying the same thing for 5 years.

What, like actually snapped the disc in two? Doesn’t that release lots of sparkly little filaments into the air? Quite pretty, if I’m remembering it correctly.

Yeah. In fact I think it was an early Tomb Raider. I couldn’t get out of a cell at the beginning of the game so I rage quit, ejected the disc and snapped it like a biscuit. It was quite a distinctive moment.

So, not an alcoholic, but clear rage issues.

At times, yes. But I’m usually very calm. Woosh.

Haha, excellent. How did you first come across TSA? Was it your first such gaming website, perhaps?

Like most people, I was looking for a trophy list. Before that I just trawled the usuals but the forums at TSA made me stick around, although I haven’t been in there in a while. The small community was brilliant and the news and opinion posts were always funny. I miss Michael.

You were one of the early members, then?

I was fairly early I think, my profile says Sep 2008. I was a lot more active back then but I’ve made some great friends through TSA and we talk regularly.

You’re certainly part of the Scottish cadre of members. I believe you know a few from before or outside of TSA too?

Colin and I went to High School together, I pestered him into getting a PS3 (although he’ll deny that). We visited Blair a while ago and met Robert, Wick15, a little later. Then of course, people met people at Eurogamer 2010 and 2011. There was no awkwardness at any point, it was brilliant.

Good stuff! We’re not all psychopaths, then… Well either that, or we’re all like minded psychopaths.

Probably the latter, although some were definitely more psychotic than others.

Don’t tell the Daily Mail. Correct me if I’m wrong, of course, but didn’t you at one point write articles for TSA?

Yes, Peter kindly eased me into writing and I loved it. I did a few Meet The Staffs and How To Become (my favourite job), along with some reviews and news posts. It was a great experience, I just wish I didn’t have to leave but Uni is fricking tiring.

Yes, there’s always been a bit of turn over in the staff as people find themselves in different life situations. Since you were once one of the writers, though, surely you’re best qualified to choose your favourite feature from TSA?

Anything Michael has ever written. They were perfect. Abridged Too Far was excellent too. TSAtv should definitely come back bigger and better but I know how much work it was for Peter. I’m quite excited to see what is lined-up for Christmas.

Indeed, Kris has been rumbling about getting ahead of the Christmas workload, so we’ll have to see. Perhaps a 100 from 2012 might come to our rescue?

That would be brilliant. Get them on it!

Where did I leave my work whip?

Tuffcub has it.

Bah! He’s always “borrowing” my things. Heading away from gaming and TSA, what tends to occupy your free time? Hangliding? Maybe you’re an amateur rocket scientist?

Most of my time is taken up by Uni work, I study Actuarial Science at Heriot-Watt. I’m only in my second year and already the workload is huge but it should be worth it.

Other than that, I spend a lot of time playing with gadgets. I’m a little bit of an Apple fanboy.

Whenever I get longer than a few days off, my mum and I try to go away somewhere. We both love travelling and there’s always something new to see. I quite fancy Asia next.

So many questions. First, what, exactly, is Actuarial Science?

Boring is one way to described it. Well-paid is another. It can be summed up as the study of maths, risk and probability surrounding finances, eg. Life Insurance, investments. But rather than being an Actuary at the end of my course, I’d love to be an Investment Banker or work for a company like Apple or Facebook in their financial departments.

Sounds like a stunning topic for dinner parties. OK, next up, and following on nicely, you do have lots of Apple products. Are you a more recent inductee into the cult, or have you been a life long member?

My first Apple purchase was an iPod Classic 160GB from the New York Apple store on Fifth Avenue. That was in 2007 and since then, I’ve had an iPhone 3G, 4 and now 4S, both iPads, a Macbook Pro and an iMac. My family loves me, they get all the “old” models.

I’m confused, you must be rich, but you don’t have a double-barrelled surname!

Heh, the good thing about not being an alcoholic is that you have lots of spare cash.

Yes, but the good thing about alcoholism, is that you’re keeping the industry alive. OK, last question. Where in Asia are you planning to go?

Vietnam is top of my list, I’ve heard the food markets are amazing there. Hong Kong is another must-see, I’ve been told. I love all of the food from those areas and I’ve never really seen much of that culture in person. My mum keeps trying to convince me to go to Dubai but a friend a Uni says I should wait a few years for it to develop more. Wherever I go, it’ll give me ample opportunity to test the 4S’s camera or maybe the DSLR I’m looking at purchasing.

That sounds like a good nice bit of variety. There’s a lot of very different cultures to the East, and you’ll get a good feel from that, I think.

Exactly. There’s a lot to see in this world, in needs exploring. I could be the next Nathan Drake.


Yes, but hopefully much less killing. Did you get the super Explorers Edition of UC3? You could have your own Drake ring if you did!

No, I missed the pre-order slot for that but I am sourcing a ring and statue at the moment. eBay and Amazon look like my best options. I’m sure that’s how Drake got his.

Ha! I don’t think eBay or Amazon were even invented. I’m afraid that we’re going to have to draw this interview to a close. It’s been a pleasure but do you have any final words for the readers here?

I definitely do.
Apple can do no wrong.
Michael needs to return.
TheSixthAxis and its community are perfect.
Follow me: @CaptainMurdo.
Have fun.

I love a good little poem to finish things off. Next week… It’s going to be special.

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  1. Interesting read. Can’t believe you didn’t like Tony Hawk’s Underground 2! :o When you were saying about playing 5 hours and forgetting to save, well I did something similar to that, first day I have my ps2 and first game on my ps2 and I completed it (on the day) but forgot that I didn’t have a memory card

    • At least you completed it. Thank God for autosaves and built in memory now though, eh?

    • oh lord i remember doing that. when i realised i couldn’t save i left my brother to play while i got our mum to drive me in and out of town just to find a memory card. frantic day

  2. Total legend. I love Murdo. He’s THE BEST.

  3. I love reading these articles as its nice to know people better than just a screen name. I personally had a similar experience with losing a save, because I spent practically 9hrs getting through missions in GTA: SA and then stupidly deleted the save by accident. I even turned my PS2 off at the wall to stop it happening, but no such luck. I was not amused :(

    • You sir, definitely need to invest in PS+ and its cloud save feature. ;)

  4. Nice to meet you Murdo, Captain Murdo! This was an interesting read and funny, i liked how you mentioned Vietnam and other great countries, by the way i’m a vietnamese, but don’t bother asking me “where i can find good food markets” ‘cuz i don’t know :]

    • Well maybe you should be exploring your own country! Lol.
      Thanks for the kind words. :)

  5. From one Captain from another, pleasure to know more bout you sir!

  6. Great interview. When you get to Hong Kong make sure you visit the University Museum and Vicoria Peak, and if you can do a day trip to Macau for some bungy action! HK is amazing, I wish I could go back right now.

    • Noted, thanks. I think I’ll give the bungy jump a miss though. ;)

  7. I wish I could visit America as much as you, only been to Florida once for Disney Land when I was younger lol. Really want to see NY and LA.

    • There’s so much to see. Make sure you explore at least those two eventually. You won’t regret a thing.

      • I went to New York a month after 9/11. Was awesome but depressing there. Probably just awesome there atm :L

      • Seeing NYC after 9/11 was a bit mind-blowing. I was there a year after it and then again a few years ago. The difference was amazing.
        I’d love to be there now though just to see all the OWS stuff.

  8. Great read. Nice to meet you Murdo! :)

  9. Murdo, that’s a cool name! Great interview and nice to meet you.

  10. Murdo, you’re awesome. I’ve of course met you on several occasions before and hopefully again some time soon! :)
    Also, I’m sure it was me who took that picture of you with Nolan. Admire my photography skillz!

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