Minecraft XBLA Gets Bizarre Trailer

I have a terrible secret…I’ve yet to play Minecraft on any platform. However, there will be many excited at the prospect of the game hitting Xbox LIVE next year.

The game has also received a rather bizarre, albeit funny, trailer featuring the team getting a bit excited about playing HD Minecraft.

Source: YouTube



  1. That was… Something. Definitely something. Not quite sure what yet. It was quite endearing for an obviously very low budget video.

  2. I love Minecraft but this must be in the top 10 of worst trailers ever.

  3. Wooo! Yeah! I’m so excited now. What a trailer, it looked such fun.

  4. Worst. Trailer. Ever.

  5. Oh Hatfilms, you’ve done it again. I guess not everybody get’s the humour.

  6. This trailer does look awful, but I think it’s fitting due to minecrafts ‘budget’ appearance. Even though I think it looks lovely. However, I think it’s only going to be funny to people that already play it, such as I, others will just be a bit confused I think. Trailers for minecraft look a bit difficult to make though, the game is usually boring as hell to watch, and everyones game is different, so showing large structures might be misleading to some? Aren’t Mojang making the next elder scrolls game by the way? :P (I kid)

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