Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 For 2013

The Final Fantasy XIV MMO launched on PC last year and was quickly slated with president of Square Enix, Yoichi Wada, saying the product had “greatly damaged” the Final Fantasy brand.


Version 2.0 is in the works and will launch in 2013 on the PC, no date was given for the PlayStation 3 version. Yoshida describes the changes between V1 and V2,

I came to the quick conclusion that we would have to redesign the user interface, graphics engine, map system and the resource itself and the servers.

Square Enix are also building a brand new engine on which the game will run and the world of Final Fantasy XIV will change when a cataclysmic event occurs to signify the move from V1. to V2.

Yoshida recognises that some people may think they are binning FFXIV and starting from scratch.

Players, community websites, and the gaming media may see the roadmap we have provided and take it as, ‘Oh, they’re creating a completely different game,’ but this is not the case. FFXIV will always be FFXIV and nothing else.

Apart from the sections they replace. Like, all of it.

Source: Gamasutra



  1. So the ps3 version even more delayed? They Might aswell release it for ps4 instead.

  2. I wish they would spend less time creating 4 simultaneus Final Fantasy titles and concentrate on getting just one of them right. There used to be 2 teams making titles and each of those teams took about 3 years to make 1 game. Each game had the personality of the team behind etched into it and that shone through, now it seems a bit like a cash cow franchise.
    Give me my game back Square.

  3. I had forgoten about XIV. But reading Wada’s comments it all comes back now. I don’t mind waiting aslong as they do get it correct for the PS3 version that is! I don’t think my PC could run minecraft, let alone a FF game!

    • “let alone a FF game”
      I bet it can, at least 9 of them.

      • Yes, well I meant the MMO ones obviously! :)

  4. It’s nice to see that they are not abandoning the game because it has so much potential. I’m sure I’ll give it another go when 2.0 comes around. I actually enjoyed my time with FFXIV and I’m sure it will only get better.

  5. Benton?

  6. “FFXIV will always be FFXIV and nothing else.”
    So it will still suck then? Grrreat.

  7. Final fantasy managed to survive FF10-2 and FF spirits within so i think it has survived FF14. Even though they ended up apologising for it.

    IMO, FF is not MMO material despite having a lot of lore to work with as FF main strength is the stories and MMO rarely do have stories that are good.

    • FF is very much MMO material. Especially if you like a great story instead of just wasting time leveling something meaningless, like in so many other MMO’s. And from the sound of it, you haven’t played XI :)

      XI has fantastic storylines that are tied into the gameplay perfectly.

      And FF MMO’s have no lore to work with, as all the main series games follow their own path.

      • Agree 100% played FFXI for about 8 years and loved it. It is a very unforgiving game though and requires a lot of time to get anywhere.
        Im very happy to wait till 2013 for FFXIV 2.0 original XIV was such a dissapointment after FFXI. The more like FFXI they make it the happier ill be

      • FFXI is proof that FF MMOs can work. FFXI was a mess for the first year before it got released in the US and in Europe but they managed to turn it into a great game so this time around it’s pretty much the same with the main difference being that we got to experience the messed up first year.

  8. Jesus Christ! Benton!

  9. Maybe by 2013 I will have a computer that can actually play this, I might try the current version sometime just because it’s free.

  10. I have this on pre-order with amazon for the princley sum of £7.(PS3) So when (IF?) it does get released I’ll get it cheap. If it is pants, then I can trade it for a healthy profit :D

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