Is This ‘Dizzy’ Planning A Comeback?

“Guess who’s back?”asks the deliciously vague teaser page.

Yep, this looks like classic platforming adventure hero Dizzy and Tweets from a few key Codemasters chaps seem to know plenty of egg jokes.


“Eggmergence Day”, a play on words from old Gears of War campaigns, is apparently going to be named tomorrow.  We can’t wait.




  1. That’s brilliant! I love Dizzy. I hope he returns in his lovely 2D style though!

  2. Used to love Dizzy. Please Codemasters, don’t ruin my childhood memories of Speccy goodness!

  3. Wow. Anything to get out of doing a Grid sequel, eh? :)

  4. Eggcelent…. I’ll get my coat.

    • Eggciting!

      • I’m going to make an EGGxample out of you two & EGGcercise my authority… Of which i have none.

        However, i am sure this calls for a good old EGGcecution!

        Ok, i’m done. :)

      • I’ve got eggstremely good memories of poaching this from a mate for the Speccy. I thought he was yolking when he told me how good it was.

        ….I’ll get my coat.

    • Oh you guys are cracking me up.

    • Enough with the bad yokes!

  5. Well.. This should be interesting. I hope they don’t overdo any 3D element on it though!

  6. Whos Dizzy?! o.O

  7. See a nice simple psn/xbl dizzy game would be brilliant.

  8. Wouldn’t mind another 2-D platformer in zeh art of Sonic and Mario but not Bloodrayne or similar..looked a bit like Flash and super colourful.., HD visuals just doesn’t fit well in 2-D imo, if I they make it close to maybe to the Mega Man games from Capcom then I’d be interested.

    Ugh.. platformers need a comeback

  9. PSN Minis of all the classics? Humm.. probably not.. Even I doubt id have the patience to play through that first one in one sitting any more.

    Modern audiences will have to have regen health and save points

  10. This is the best news I have heard all year. Dizzy was so epic… although his jump to consoles wasnt the best… I may have to drag out the spectrum and amiga to play these again :)

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