Japanese Metal Gear Solid Release Dates

Konami has thrown a party in honour of the retail release of Metal Gear Solid’s HD collection, this Thursday, in Japan. While at the shindig, they also announced a release date for Snake Eater 3DS. That’s being released in Japan on March 8th 2012, although us westerners are still waiting to hear a release date for our regions.

In further Metal Gear news, Andriasang has uncovered a delay on the downloadable versions of the HD collection. The Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater bundle, as well as the individual games, will hit the PSN in Japan on the 8th of December but won’t belly-crawl their way to the XBLA until 2012.


All this MGS news is putting me in the mood to play through MGS4 again… if only my finger wasn’t still in recovery after that harrowing microwave corridor or doom.

Source: Andriasang



  1. Picked this up on import and loving playing them again, looks fantastic on ps3. Still have the ltd edition on order from zavvi too :-)

  2. No MGS5 release date? :P

  3. !

  4. Its funny how Konami can waste time on doing this but can’t even be bothered doing trophies for MGS4. I am getting a bit bored of Konami now. Thank god for Uncharted games & all the other brilliant PS3 exclusives i can enjoy:P Stick to making multi-format games then Konami i couldn’t care less now lol

    • note to other readers: please read “Thank god for Uncharted games & all the other brilliant PS3 exclusives i can enjoy” as “Thank god I can get digital trophies for new games, older games don’t have them so the developers are crap for only making new games”

    • That’s a bit harsh! MGS4 came out a while before trophies, the only stipulation from Sony was that games that came out after that date need to have trophies. Konami don’t have to add trophies to the game, would have been nice. But the only games that I can think off that added trophies to their games that came out before this date were cross platform games that already had the infrastructure of the 360 achievments already in the game.
      Without trophies MGS4 is still one of the best PS3 exclusive games on the system.

      • i still cant see why people get their knickers notted over trophies!?!? They are pointless! MGS4 is no worse because it doesn’t have them. If uncharted 3 didn’t have trophies in would you and millions of others not buy it?… course not.

        trophies are not worth the dev time imo. even worse when they pop up for things like putting the disk in or finishing a level!?! whats the point?

      • I’m with you. don’t have any platinums, have lots of games with less than a 3rd of trophies achieved

      • Yeah but once you’ve unlocked every trophy its not the end of the game right?

        Sometimes theres way more to do, like in RPGS or maybe Fifa? I would say

      • Oh grey ghost, your last line was slightly off.

        Without trophies MGS4 is still one of the best games on any system.


    • Have you actually yet managed to post a single comment worth reading, JBoo? I certainly haven’t seen one.

      How about you try and find something constructive to say before you post, and leave the fanboy whining at home while you do.

    • MGS4 and many alike where fine without Achievements, even Warhawk and Uncharted was still great before it got patched. So whats the point of getting a Super Sonic Acheivment in Sonic Generations or to make a potion in Skyrim?

      I know trophies/achievements sells games but for what reason? Way before they even existed it no one really cared anyone with PS3’s, PC and Nintendo fans?? did they care? So how could every game without these imaginary rewards get so criticized or even be flamed to be named: Bad or horrible?

    • Hmmm would i rather have trophies in MGS4 OR hd edtions of MGS2,3 and peace walker, all on one disk with trophies?

      And would Konami rather work and release something that they can make money for there effort or needlessy go back and add trophies to game that everyone would simply rush out and buy pre owned?

      I’d love trophies on mgs4 but how can you say you’d rather have a patch for a game than a full remastering of three amazing games? Or as we can clearly pick up ” it’s not ps3 exclusive so i never want to buy there games again!!”… Grow up

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