Sony Demonstrates Vita’s ‘Next Gen’ Augmented Reality

PS Vita’s Augmented Reality system looks like being above and beyond what the PSP and 3DS can do – ‘next generation’ indeed.

Check out the video below, which demos Flickball (nice candles) and some inventive use of the AR cards, some fireworks, cute little Portal-esque laser beams and a dodgy looking table-top diving thing that hopefully is – er – free.


That tank game looks incredible though.

We’ll have hands on with all this as soon as possible.



  1. Oh my word, that is fantastic! Why do I have no money when everything cool comes out?!

    • You still have 3 months to save some money :D

  2. *head explodes* – That looks fan-bloody-tacular.

  3. They look great, and the fireworks one reminds me of Fantavision which was pretty cool. Just hope these dont get consigned to eyetoy/move tech demo limbo.

  4. £20 says that Sony doesn’t develop the AR Card idea any further after March 2012.

  5. That video looks fun, but I doubt I’ll bother with it.

  6. Credit given. That looked effing marvellous! Hahaha. Loved the tanks bit and also the GOAL blimp!

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