New Shots From Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

City Interactive has launched a new batch of screenshots from its upcoming FPS sequel, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2. Between it and the original 2010 stealth shooter, the differences aren’t night and day, especially in comparison to the PlayStation 3 version which launch earlier this year.

That said, there are still four months until the game launches, and given the slight improvements we’ve already seen with environment detail and dynamic light, we’re expecting the final product to appear much more refined. It is running on CryEngine 3 after all.



  1. Heard awful things about the actual gameplay, so the graphics aren’t what I’m concerned about with it. If they improve the gameplay and presentation, I might look into it.

    • The graphics weren’t the best to be honest. But the gameplay realy did let it down. It wasn’t what I expected, I was after a game where you have to creep to a sniping point, hunt your target and pick your shot. The first game was not like that, it was more of a generic FPS point to point game where your character is suppposed to be a sniper.

  2. I just hope it’s fun to play. Played probably a third of the first one before giving up – the graphics weren’t that bad, it was the gameplay that was worse.
    For a sniper game, it was far easier to be aggressive and kill everyone, rather than try to sneak around and maybe stab one or two guards. That is what let it down, for me at least.

  3. I want this game to be good, I really want a good sniper game. Graphics aren’t that important to me, so this looks fine (if a tad disappointing) but from what i heard of the firsts gameplay, it would need to be improved a lot for me to buy it, shame, as i definitely would get it if it were rated highly..

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