Catherine Release Date Confirmed For PAL Territories

Deep Silver has announced that the rather charming Catherine will finally land on European shores in February 2012.

To (supposedly) make up for the long wait, the first edition of the game will come with a reversible cover of protagonist Vincent’s two love interests: smart, successful Katherine or sexy and alluring Catherine.


We here at TSA thought the tale of love and lust was pretty damn good, with Delriach giving the American version an impressive 9/10, saying that the story was “an intriguing affair that ultimately makes you question the type of person you truly are, maybe even more than you’d like to admit.”

Source: Press Release



  1. well at least they gave us something special, they could have just not bothered which seems to be the industry standard at the moment.

  2. erm, how can I explain being caught by the wife playing this? Must start thinking up excuses now.

    • Tell her its Japanese. That’ll explain everything.

    • Tell her she’s got a love rival.

    • Why, is this a bit of a crude/filthy game then?

      • Yeah, it’s kinda mental with ‘adult themes’ make of that what you will.

        Although the first picture from the review might give a hint…

      • I’m in ;)

      • Is it any worse than the average Hollywood movie?

    • Tell her it’s a story of the downside of cheating on someone, so would teach you a valuable lesson! (It would also be true!)

    • Same problem with my mum haha, what will she say if she sees me playing this :p

      • Educational purposes, it’s a Safe Sex sim game ;)

  3. Yey :) not too long to wait then was going to import this but decided to wait for the PAL release ^^

  4. Can’t wait for this but I’m hoping that they release the ‘Love is Over’ edition over here too…

  5. Still waiting to find this for cut price. Not quite prepared to pay $60 for it even though the demo was great.

  6. So right after Final Fantasy XIII-2 and the MGS HD Collection probably? *sighs* I will find the time and money for it, somehow.

    Do we get the “Love Is Over” or an equivalent special edition?

  7. I’d try a demo of this game first, looks really off the scale mental wise..

  8. *hugs his deluxe US edition* Best.Import.Ever. Love, love, love, love this game :)

  9. the story stuff looks interesting, but i just didn’t enjoy the platform/puzzle bits when i played the demo.

    it’s something i might pick up down the road a bit when it’s cheaper but it’s not high on my want list.

  10. Forgot all about this. Loved the demo. Gonna pick this up when it hots the £20 mark

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