Lionel Messi Becomes “The Global Face of the EA Sports FIFA Franchise”

EA has announced that Lionel Messi has become the global face of the EA Sports FIFA franchise. Starting with FIFA Street next year, Messi will “become the cornerstone of marketing and advertising campaigns, featured on packaging, and utilized in social media activities”.

Messi had the following to say:


“I want to be part of the team behind the best sports football game in the world and be associated with the great EA SPORTS name. EA SPORTS is a brand that shares my values of creativity, excellence and social responsibility.”

Matt Bilbey, Vice President and GM of Football, EA SPORTS was full of praise:

“Our FIFA franchise is the number one selling sports videogame franchise in the world, and Lionel Messi is the number one player in the world, so this agreement is a true partnership of superstars.”

Source: Press Release



  1. His nose will ruin it. Jk, best player in the world IMO.

    • No denying that, given that he is also still so young it is hard to see any reason why he won’t be eventually considered as the best ever. I’m sure that if he wins the world cup with Argentina that will see to that.

      • I still rate Cristiano Ronaldo as a better player.
        Successful in two of the four major leagues as opposed to one, and it took him less gametime to hit 100 Madrid goals than it did Messi for a Barcelona side with the likes of Xavi and Iniesta giving him the ball.

        They are the best two at the moment.
        Although if Van Persie keeps up his form (I’m convinced he’s sold his soul in a Faustian deal) he’ll end up ahead of them soon.
        Or on City’s bench. :P

      • Frankly I reckon RvP’s had a cybernetic foot installed, and I wouldn’t be particularly surprised to see him go to City.

        ….then he truly will have sold his soul.

  2. Quite a coup, since he has been plastered over pro evo for years. I’d imagine that will supplement his apparent 30m Euros a year quite nicely.

  3. But what about Rooney, he had his hair done especially?

  4. EA know how to waste money – I’d buy FIFA if it had Cameron Jerome on the front.

    • But what about if it had David Cameron on the front?? :)

    • Cameron Jerome isnt a a bad player, just not world class. He has dont pretty well for stoke in the games he has played

  5. Hurrah! Get rid of that cheating, big headed so and so from Man Utd.

    • When I saw cheating at first I thought you meant in football terms :L Awkard

      • He admitted diving to win the penalty that put Arsenal’s unbeaten run to an end ;-)

        Just saying.

      • When did he ‘admit’ that?
        A quick google brought up nothing for me, although I did find an article with quotes from Rooney saying he never dives.

        The only case I can remember of an Englishman admitting he dived was Walcott against Leeds last year.
        Gerrard, Lampard, Walcott, Downing, Owen, Rooney et al have dived on numerous occasions in the past (Gerrard especially) but most aren’t stupid enough to admit it.

      • I stand corrected, you’re quite right colmshan1990. My memory clearly isn’t what it used to be. Clearly had my thoughts tainted by Andy Gray’s hyperbole at the time.

      • Andy Johnson was a serial diver whilst at Everton.

  6. Meh Ronaldos number one, typical PR *cough*

    • i like his burgers.

      watch out with the apple pies though, that filling is hotter than the surface of the sun. O_O

  7. Hmm guess Konami couldn’t find enough money for him this time then. Makes sense for EA though.

  8. How they overlooked John Toshack is beyond me. Opportunity missed.

  9. I personally think that Lionel Richie would be a better choice. Even my mum would buy it then!

  10. yeah, he’s happy “to be part of the team behind the best sports football game in the world ”
    and the small fortune they’ll be paying you has nothing to do with it.

    this is the kind of thing that makes me annoyed when people say the industry needs these bloody online passes to survive.
    they need it to pay these guys that already get more per week for kicking a bag of wind than most get a year for doing bloody hard important jobs.

    how many studios could have been kept open with what they paid that shrekalike, seriously no woman would go near that if he wasn’t rich, adulterer rooney for the fifa covers for the last few years?

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