Assassin’s Creed ‘Embers’ Hints At Japanese Setting For AC3

The animated short, Assassin’s Creed: Embers, which was available as part of some of the special edition releases of Revelations, finds a 70 year old Ezio reflecting upon his past life, writing a letter to his sister. The film sets up a number of new story lines thanks to the arrival of a young female assassin from Japan, named Shao Jun.

Previously a concubine, the girl explains how her master, an Assassin, has been training her and how Ezio has influenced her actions.

We’ve heard the odd rumour about a Japanese setting for Assassin’s Creed 3 and in a recent interview Ubisoft’s online brand marketing group manager, Thomas Paincon, said

Right now all our blueprint strategies for Assassin’s and Ghost Recon, even at the first stage of development, have to propose an experience that includes iOS, XBLA, Facebook, to have a whole environment for a big launch.

Assuming the animated film is canon (and there is no reason not to) then it’s conformation, at least, that the Assassins are operational in Japan. 

I won’t spoil the rest of the plot but by the end of the film it does feel like the franchise torch has been passed to this mysterious female. Perhaps that’s just another piece of misdirection from those sneaky Assassins?

Despite being a major character in the animated story, the trailer for the film does not feature the Japanese assassin. I wonder why?



  1. Desmond quite likely had female ancestors too. This is science. Therefore, this can only be the truth.

  2. If anyone has actually completed the game then you can tell that this rumour and the one about Egypt is completely wrong. That’s all I say to avoid spoilers.

    • I have and I don’t see your point.

  3. Ninjas! Samurais! Might actually get this one then.

    • Agreed, a complete change in setting is basically the only way to rekindle my waning interest in this series.

      • Huh? Revelations is a complete change of setting.

      • Me too, got bored after 2, wasn’t interested in italy any more, wanted a new character and place, hopefully this will be that.

    • I’m with you colm, evil. For me this series went stale faster than ryvita, a little sengoku jidai ninjaness might pique my interest again. Feudal Japan has more than enough subterfuge and powermongering to make it a great setting.

  4. Spoilers ahead.

    Desmond confirms at the end of revelations that he knows what needs to be done. I personally think that this time it will be set in desmonds timeline. They won’t try and crowbar in any other characters now for the final game. The end also said the source of everything is in egypt.

    The assasin in embers won’t be the person you play as because they aren’t in desmonds bloodline.

  5. Whether this was a torch being passed on to female assassin I cannot say. But I definately recall her to be Chinese. Furthermore, concubines were in China, Geishas in Japan, and the name Shao Jun is definately Chinese and not Japanese.

    By the way, that Ember movie was god damn beautiful. A real piece of art.

    • Shao is chinese, but Jun is more of a japanese name.
      she could have one japanese parent and one chinese.

  6. a japanese setting would be better than egypt, but i’d still love to see victorian london.

    • Cane swords, pugilism handlebar ‘taches and lambchops! Hell yeah :D

  7. Ezio is 65 in Embers. :D

  8. Im still waiting to watch this, only half way through the game and dont wanna see the end of Ezio before i finish the game :|

    and the 3rd one will be set in liberty city ;)

  9. Yeah. But no.

    1. “Shao Jun” is Chinese, not Japanese (so much for your “multicultural background”, Ubisoft).

    2. European ships didn’t reach Japan before 1543. Long past Ezio’s time. Traders were Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, English. No creaky old Italian assassins in Japan, no wannabe Ninjas in Italia.

    3. It’s highly unlikely that a “Japanese” female assassin living during the Sengoku period could have traveled from so far to seek for the help a European dude in his late 80s.

    Hence, I truly hope it’s just a rumour.

  10. I hate to sound dense, and I haven’t played Revelations yet (so this might have been resolved), but just before the Piece if Edwn activated in the ending to Brotherhood, Shaun mentioned the Phrygian Cap and the Masonic Eye. He was cut off before he could finish, but they only appear together on The Declaration of Rights of Man and the Citizen, from the French Revolution. Paris, anyone?

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