Sony Silent On ‘Sony Smash Bros’ Rumour

A little while back a website was teasing a ‘massive’ reveal of a super secret Sony project that had the likes of N4G in a real state.  Ultimately, the site – – went live with their big hitter – claiming that Sony are working on their equivalent of “Super Smash Bros.”

The site sadly declined to name the game, publisher, developer, pictures, video, percent complete, and release date, though, leaving details thin on the ground.


“This is real and this is awesome,” it said regardless. “The game plays on a 2D plane much like Smash Bros. does, with plenty of Sony branded characters making up the combatants.”

“This isn’t a full revealing,” continues the story, “so I’ll tell you the following: Kratos, Sly Cooper, Nathan Drake (Uncharted), Fat Princess, Parappa, Sweet Tooth, and Rico (Killzone).”  PaulGaleNetwork also infers that James Bond might be a playable character, and that they’ll be sharing more info in time.

We asked Sony for comment at the time, but didn’t get a response; unlike Eurogamer that got the standard ‘no comment’ a little more recently.

Eurogamer are also speculating this morning that the game – if it exists – is in development at California based SuperBot.



  1. Sony spin-offs (including Heroes on the Move) make me die inside :(

    • Agreed, I cant help but feel that this would be done for the sake of it, rather than because it would work, which is not how a game should ever be designed o_o.

  2. Reaction before I read the list of potential characters: OMGWTFBBQKITTENSONFIRE!!!!

    Reaction after I read the list of possible characters:

    • I think it’s a decent line-up (if it actually exists). Who did you think/expect in a Sony mash-up if not these guys?

      • I had noone in particular in mind but if I had to choose some I’d think about Rayman, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter and there must be at least one decent FF character on the line up… Not a big fan of the franchises the characters on the list are from apart from Uncharted but I don’t see Drake kicking any ass in a Brawl game…

  3. E3 reveal for holidays ’12 release. This could be fun.

  4. I actually like the sound of this. Seeing Parappa in a bloody mess could be fun “In the rain or in the snow, you got the funky flow but now you really gotta go.”

  5. Well this is weird news – I for one can’t really imagine Nathan Drake (who is intended to look quite realistic) squaring off against Fat Princess (who is intended to not look realistic) & the same goes for some others too.

    It works on Nintendo as all of the characters have some cartoon-like quality to them, but some of the characters mentioned would look really weird compared to others (like in my comparison above).

    I am very much taking this with a pinch of salt.

    Plus, who is Paul Gale & why would he be privledged with this information & be the one to break this news on his blog??

    • Well Solid Snake fit in fine when he appeared in Smash Bros on the Wii, but yes the list does seem odd. For example how would Parappa last 3 seconds against Kratos?

      • I guess he would have to grow a pair of boobs, therefore creating a sex minigame for Kratos & distracting him so he could ‘lay down some beats’ maybe?

      • How would drake? He’d use some quip and end up with a giant hole in his face

    • Not trying to be rude with my last question btw, just have genuinely never heard of him.

    • From the Paul Gale Network website:

      “I’ll tell you a little about me. I’m a 26 year old, martial artist, video gamer, personal trainer, artist, actor, and voice actor who is bringing together my different passions into one fun and useful website.”

      There’s also a piccy of him dressed like Karate Kid on some rocks. Oh and his blog includes an annual pumpkin-modelling contest at Halloween. This year he did Zelda Skyward Sword.

      I only wish I was making this up…

      • I know – Hardly the most likely source for ‘breaking news’ right?

        I was pretty surprised i didn’t see “my 10 week ‘feel good about yourself’ programme can make you a succesful as me!” or some other simlar claim.

      • I think in this case the salt should be considered the main course, considering the amount required when evaluating this ‘news’.

        Though I guess silent but deadly is Sony’s usual tactic.

      • It also says he has contributed to various gaming sites including 1up…

  6. I’m cool with literally any sort of Sony crossover material, especially if it turns out to be a brawler.

  7. Well it wouldn’t surprise me at all to be honest, and it could be quite a bit of fun. Until hear something official, this is all just rumour.

  8. That sh*t site still around? Haven’t been on that site for over a year now & i will never visit that site again. It full of [email protected] & its run by [email protected]

    Anyway it would be cool a PS3 mash-up with all those PS3 characters :D

  9. I love smash bros its so fun,and if done right with the right characters, it could be very good

  10. Its totally a lie and a trick…. wheres SACKBOY?

    • Oh… and if there ever was a crossover Media Molecule would be perfect with the guys that did dat Rag Doll Kung Fu game!

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