Start The Party! Save The World Trailer

In this week’s totally made up episode of Heroes, Claire Bear and Hiro Nakamura encounter a new ‘hero’, Kickin’ Kris. His special ability is to make anyone in the near vicinity have ‘moves like Jagger’ and strut their funky stuff. Check out the trailer for Kickin’ Kris below.


As the epsiode progresses, the team discovers that the evil Sylar has planted a bomb in a nightclub – specifically, in a massive disco ball. As soon as the ball stops spinning, the bomb will explode and rupture a fault line beneath the club which will, in turn, rip the Earth to pieces!

Kickin’ Kris must use his powers of funk to ensure that the dancefloor stays full so the club does not close and turn off the disco ball. Kris has to Start The Party, Save The World!

In other news, which is totally unrelated to our made up television show, here is a trailer for a collection of PlayStation Move mini games, out this week.

Source: YouTube



  1. I wish i could bust off moves like Kris! Does he run a dance class i could attend?

  2. I’ve clicked on this coz its about Start the Party

  3. Hmmm, reviews for Start The Party: Save The World are looking pretty poor so far. Will there be a TSA review?

  4. I’ve enjoyed it so far but I think the first one was better. In general this years Move titles have not been so great. Carnival Island is actually just 7 ways to throw things. Such a let down when it says 35 games on the back.

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