Naughty Dog Fix UC3 Aiming In Update 1.02

Naughty Dog has just finished working on a title update for Drake’s Deception and among the listed changes there is now the option to select “Alternate Aiming Settings” from the in-game option menu.

Since launch Uncharted 3 has been subject to the ranting of livid gamers who claim that the “realistic” changes made to the gunplay has ruined the experience, Naughty Dog responding by inviting a number of fans to help work on the latest patch. The alternate aiming will only be applicable to the singleplayer portion of Uncharted 3 as the multiplayer aiming wasn’t tampered with when transitioning from Uncharted 2.


Other updates include a few multiplayer tweaks such a “Pull Down” distance and medal resets as well as a new bonus option allowing players to view all of Uncharted 3’s cutscenes. For the full list be sure to head over to the official ND blog.



  1. I did notice that aiming felt slightly weird in the singleplayer but what exactly will this update change? I can’t really put my finger on what felt so wrong so I don’t know what could be done to fix it…

    • Me neither but I’m going to give this new aiming setting a go on my next playthrough.

    • Apparently it was something to do with the deadzone on the analog stick. Some people also claim that it was nigh on impossible to aim diagonally.

      I don’t really care, I enjoyed the game, might give me a reason to have another play through. I got platinum on UC1 and 2, but without all of the nifty unlockables in UC3 I haven’t had much of a reason to.

    • The aiming is completely different between default (“bugged”) and alternate (“fixed”) settings. It’s not only about the dead zone, it’s also about the camera acceleration (or lack thereof) with the default settings.

      I’m sorry to say that people claiming otherwise don’t have a clue about advanced shooting mechanics in the Uncharted series. If you enjoyed U3 SP with the default settings, that’s great. Just don’t pretend these changes were “unnecessary”, because for many people it completely destroyed their experience and killed the immersion.

      Thankfully Naughty Dog aknowledged the issue (which means it existed) and righted the wrongs.

      PS: the addition of motion blur (which was inadvertantly disabled in SP) adds a lot to the overall feeling of smoothness that was lacking in the retail release.

  2. Cool. I’ve been waiting for this before cracking on with U3. Guess that confirms what I’ll be doing tonight!

  3. Just finished the game but I was so taken with the brawling mechanic that I’ve pugilistically punched my way through the game. :)

    • Haha, agreed – it was pretty satisfying and also a nice bit of practice before I jumped into Arkham City!

  4. Great stuff. I’ll be cracking on with this then.

  5. “a new bonus option allowing players to view all of Uncharted 3′s cutscenes” COOL:P

    & i have finish the game & i didn’t find anything wrong with it? Strange, hmm “livid gamers” Yeah right, people who don’t even own a PS3 i bet(say no more) :D

    • Nope. A lot of people (and PS3/Uncharted fans I should add) were really vocal about it. At least on Twitter I saw lots of people complaining about it.

    • Personally I’ve been ranting about the terrible combat to anyone who will listen, online and offline. I didn’t really have a problem with the aiming though – more the absolute linearity and incredible amount of bullets it takes to kill anything.

      • Never really had an issue with the aiming and in terms of melee combat, coming into the game after playing a lot of Batman didn’t really help but as soon as you remember that this isn’t Batman it makes more sense in the environment the game’s in and isn’t much of an issue

      • The usually die quite quickly if you aim for the head.. I did find that much more difficult than in UC2 though sadly, so this patch should be fantastic.

  6. Didn’t notice any difference with UC3 compared to aiming in UC2 to be honest.

    • I agree there was nothing wrong with it. This patch has ruined the MP as well as they have patched strafing ALOT so its pointless to use fleet foot. ND going 1 step forward 3 steps back as always.

  7. Great! I wasn’t enjoying UC3 as much as I should be, so hopefully this will help fix that!

  8. I wasn’t hating the aiming in UC3 but the patch has made it feel a bit better. Good job Naughty Dog!

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