Print Your Own Skyrim Map

Aside from the excellent but expensive collector’s edition, Skyrim didn’t come with any kind of world map. Fear not though, a site called GameBanshee has you covered.

The site has created a fully annotated map of Skyrim which shows all locations. Obviously, if you’re still enjoying the exploration and uncovering locations for yourself then you won’t want to look too closely at this but for those who need a little extra direction, the huge PNG is available through the source link at the bottom.


GameBanshee has also put together a printable, nine-page PDF which has the map pop out of your printer ready to be assembled as a giant 3×3 wall map that you can take with you on your next excursion into Skyrim.

Update: It appears that all editions of Skyrim did come with a map. That’s what I get for using a promo copy and trusting my Googling skills for pack in information! Thanks to just about everyone in the comments for correcting me.

Source: GameBanshee via Kotaku



  1. my “normal” edition came with a world map but only the big cities was mapped… but maybe it was something special here in sweden…
    awesome game BTW, u don’t want to miss it! :P

    • the mrs’ pre-order of he normal edition came with a map, good quality feel to it too.

      • Aye feels like cotton paper or whatever paper money is made of!

      • Ditto, has a Goonies vibe to it, like I’m to find One Eyed Willies treasure :D

      • Feels like the old parchment paper to me.

      • haha, HEY YOU GUYS!

      • BABY ROOOOOF !

    • My normal edition came with a map too, wasn’t a pre-order either. And yeah, the quality is pretty nice

    • Really? It was supposed to be a special edition thing. Maybe they did that first run bonus that some games are doing where the first load of games are all special editions (with collector’s being the dragon statue pack).
      Anyway, I don’t have a bloody map and this looks awesome!

      • As far as I know, all editions of Skyrim come with a map. The ‘limited edition’ first run of the standard edition of the game comes with a higher quality material map, but once these are gone the normal editions will still contain a paper map.

      • This does indeed look sweet, far better than the one that came with my normo edition. Now if only there was a colour A3 printer here at work **ahem**

      • A3 printer, bah I’ve got an A0 LF printer warmed up and ready to go! :)

      • So much for my A1 printer beside me :(

  2. erm, avaialable??

    • Argh. That’s one of the typos I make all too often! Fixed now…

      • I preferred the wrong spelling. Better for yodeling.

  3. Cheers, Peter. Saved and stowed away just in case. *tips hat*

  4. That’s a lot of locations – good job I didn’t get this what with my OCD, I just don’t have the time, unfortunately!

  5. Very useful item for those who haven’t purchased the excellent Strategy guide for Skyrim. That book is an absolute godsend, and the map is essential to all explorers.

  6. I prefer to discover the places on my own then look at a map. :) But i can see some people getting this. The map in my copy of Oblivion never leaves the box and is probably feeling abandoned. :P

  7. My standard edition came with a very nice quality world map, only had major cities located though.
    Should have the plat done by tonight, lvl 51, main quests done, just need to finish off a few trophies :)

  8. cant wait to play this game, and that map is pretty cool. But wont be using it, want to discover everything myself

  9. Reminds me of printed maps for Pirates on the Amiga. Good times!

  10. Whoa that’s a big world map, i have been checking some gameplay on Youtube and i might get it for PC or PS3, but i hope it doesn’t freeze often on PS3.

    • Wait for the patch in my opinion and see if it fixes the problems. But I’d say get it on PC at the moment.

      • The patch is out now, and seems to have fixed the majority of the lag on PS3, well for me at least. Don’t know about people with huge save file sizes though, so best wait for some feedback.

      • Ooooo good. Will have a look later, save file was up to 16mb so well see!

    • Its better on the PC mainly because of loading speed and less save issues for me…… SOmetimes pc titles are better than there console counterpart but only if its better since some are so badly ported

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