WeView Verdict: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Well it seems that using the comments for gathering your opinions is certainly more effective than using the forums. Not only did a good number of you take part but a lot of discussion was generated. Thanks again to Guyers94 for the original suggestion, I think we’ll be sticking with it for at least the foreseeable future. So, with that said it’s time to take a look at the newest Deus Ex title.

What was most notable was the number of you that called out Human Revolution as a potential Game of the Year candidate. I’ll certainly have to make a little time to play it before we make our own Game of the Year deliberations, although I’m wary of any game that ties an upgrade mechanic into it so tightly. Expecting me to make those kind of choices just isn’t fair, I can rarely decide what I want for dinner.

Hopefully I won’t enjoy it quite as much as MayContainEvil does though who, after joining the cries of “Game of the Year contender”, said they wanted “to make sweet, manly, robotic love to Mr Jensen and his indefatigably smart-mouthed ways.” That, frankly, is more than a little scary.

[drop]Moving on from soliciting fictional cyborgs, it’s probably best we take some sort of look at the actual gameplay. There were quite a few of you who commented on the central theme of all of the Deus Ex games – choice. Amongst those of you commenting on this was Big-D who was happy to report that “upgrading augs to match your style is brilliant, and playing it differently each time was great.” Although I’m not really on board with choosing the direction of my character, the varying play-styles that the aug system offers certainly sounds brilliant.

Of course, there’s the one issue with that flexibility that cropped up again and again – the boss battles. It seems a real shame that Square Enix outsourced the game’s bosses, as they do appear to have detracted from an otherwise very enjoyable experience. In fact tonycawley went as far as to say that it was his one gripe with the game, complaining that “you HAVE to fight the boss battles, so if you’re augmenting for a stealthy approach to the game you’re left a little bit screwed during these.”

Lets put the gameplay to the side for a second, and look at the world of Human Revolution. From the very first trailers it was clear that Eidos had put a lot of work into the game’s world, both graphically and in the fiction. This was something that yiddo picked up on, noting that the game’s world is “rich in detail, and all locales are a visual treat. The near future setting is also boosted by the fact that you think ‘The world could be like this sooner then we think’.”

So pushing onwards, it’s time to look at the community verdict. There were fourteen of you who took part this week, although sadly it seems two of you forgot to include a verdict of the game. Of the twelve of you who did put a verdict into your opinions, all twelve decided to the game was worthy of you money and unanimously selected Buy It as the communities verdict.

Finally if you’ve got any thoughts about future games for WeView, or the format of WeView itself, then just drop me a comment below and I’ll try and take it on board.



  1. Kris, can it be OBLIVON for this week’s weview.

    I think i shall pick it up for christmas if Skyrim is not £20 by then.:)

    • EDIT: Oblivion. I was typing with one hand at the time.

    • … and then Super Cars II on the Amiga.

      • One of my favourite games of all time! Deffinatley a “Buy it” :P

        Fields of fire, in a big country….

    • and then Final Fantasy XIII :) , then Borderlands, Mass Effect 2, Dead Space…… could go on forever.

    • & Oh Mummy on the spectrum.

  2. Well deserved verdict. I would have liked to see the cover system mentioned as it works like a charm.

  3. If this game is as good as everyone says it is, then I can’t understand why it’s so cheap having only been out a short while. I saw it in Gamestation for about £12!

    • Yeah, you can get it for ridiculous prices these days.

      I would say that £12 is definitely worth it (as there is a deep game there), but i personally am having trouble becoming interested in going back to it if i am honest.

  4. I think the new Saints Row would be a good choice for we view. I know a lot of people love it but I has quite a few glitches and may not get a unanimous verdict.

  5. Glad everyone liked it, gladder still I got a mention :)

  6. Excellent game, part of my untradeables :-)

  7. And bought it I have, today, for just £9.95 from Zavvi’s Mega Monday.

  8. can we do Terminator Salvation next ?

  9. Ah. I see what’s happened now, I was wondering where the WeView section was. My fault entirely for not reading the feature text completely. Maybe a good thing I didn’t write my thoughts as they would’ve been in stark contrast to those used.

    • But for me personally, that is exactly what i want to see from things like this – Points for pros as well as points for cons that weigh out the argument nicely so that people can make their own minds up on stuff.

      • I wonder if people worry that they’ll be a little barracked by those who love the game? I always feel slightly awkward because games I end up not liking tend to become very popular like this, Batman, God of War and so on.

        Balanced reading is much better though and even if I look at something on Amazon, I always read the 1 and 2 star reviews to read the problems people found because that’s what interests me more. So in summary, I agree and I’ll see what’s on the agenda tomorrow, see if I can’t have a little moan. ;)

      • At the end of the day though mate, it is only your opinion & you are perfectly entitled to it. However, i do see what you are saying as when people establish a connection with something (such as a game they love), some will fight tooth & nail to protect what they perceive to be ‘perfection’ & forget that others may have different views to them.

        Never nice to unwittingly stumble into a fanboy war.

        Still though, like i said it is merely your opinion & you (or anyone else) should feel free to voice it if you wish. For all of those that would defend it, i am sure that there is a small pocket of resistance that would back you up in opposing it. :)

        & i do exactly the same with Amazon too btw. Always take user reviews with a pinch of salt of course, but i do like to have a look at the bottom of the scale as well as the top & see if the issues mentioned are (a) mentioned somewhere or by someone else to back up the claim & (b) if the issues mentioned would actually bother me as a gamer. All helps the decision making process.

  10. Final Fantasy VII? Should cause a hefty split and lots of opinionated discussion…

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