New Battlefield 3 ‘Back to Karkand’ Trailer

The first Battlefield 3 expansion will be launching next month and DICE meant business when they decided to call it an “expansion”. This isn’t just a few new maps to play on but rather an abounding offering that includes new vehicles and weapons to go along with the ample amount of content that came with the game.

In the new trailer below, you get to see several new vehicles in action, as well as a lot of other destruction and mayhem.


The Back to Karkand expansion will be launching next month for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 but will be arriving one week early on PS3. While the content included is probably worth the $15 they’re asking for, owners of the limited edition of Battlefield 3 will get the expansion for free, as promised by DICE before launch.

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  1. Got the plat on Saturday so this will get me back into the game. As much as I love it, it hasn’t grabbed me as much as Bad Company 2 did.

    • I don’t find that so much tbh – I also loved BC2, but i think i may love BF3 just a little more. Not sure why to be honest.

      Don’t get me wrong, i can see why you would say that & i do see the subtle differences that could put BC2 ahead for some people, but i am really liking BF3. It’s just one of those games where even if i am getting pwned, it still remains fun.

  2. So many great memories from BF2 there , i have spent more time on the beaches of these maps than on the beaches of spain in real life.

  3. Cannot.

  4. One of those vehicles (1:02) looks like a forklift!

    • You used to be able to drive the forklifts on the Desert Combat Mod for 1942 , great times .

      • In that case, can a forklift lift a tank? Because that could prove quite handy. :)

  5. Nearly completed new game + for Batman AC so this is perfect timing to get me back into this.

  6. :o Mind. Blown. with that digger thingy! :D

  7. This is such an immersive on-line game that I can easily spend several hours running round, gunning, flying, shooting and sniping without even looking at the clock. To think that there are some new maps, weapons and vehicles inbound makes me wonder how long it will take me to get accustomed to them… but also how much fun it will be to learn.

  8. Looks brilliant. Been neglecting BF3 quite a bit because of Skyrim but this will definitely tempt me back into online battle.

  9. needs something to get me playing this again. I’ve not touched it for a week, which is amazing for me and Battlefield.

  10. Mayhem, at least they are being realistic that tactics never come through in an online game.

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