Battlefield 3 Sales Top 8 Million

We’ve got a quick bit from EA on this fine morning regarding the retail success of Battlefield 3. According to them, Battlefield 3 has now sold over 8 million units worldwide and has shipped over 12 million to store shelves.

EA went after Call of Duty with a very aggressive marketing campaign before the launch of Battlefield 3 and it seems to have paid off. While their sales are still nowhere near the astonishing heights that the CoD franchise continues to achieve, 8 million copies in just over a month is still nothing to deride.


Quick reminder for all of those still playing Battlefield 3 on consoles, the first major title update will be going live later this week on both the PS3 and Xbox 360. The PC version of said patch went live last week.

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  1. Great sales, well done EA. The SP is a bit weak but the MP is awesome, so fully deserved sales.

  2. Wow, those sales really are phenomenal. EA must be pretty happy with that. I will get round to picking this up one day…

    • i’ll get round to renting at some point, not worth buying. Like MW, i only rent those. Knocking the SP out in one sitting doesn’t warrant a purchase IMO. And they are usually not worth a 2nd play through. I only rent those two games each all the rest of my games i buy, as i like replaying them a few times, but these “rail FPS’s” are just not the same.

      I reckon they should skip the SP all together, and just release MP only games. Seems a waste of dev time as i’m sure noone buys MW3 for a compelling story…

    • Can you detail the changes please?

    • If you don’t want to mess about with signing in to Origin (I forgot my password) then details posted here…

      • Nice one brad! They’re quite some changes, no single major one but all combined still excellent. I can’t believe they still haven’t changed it so you can edit your Russian soldier from the main menu though, by far my biggest gripe with the game.

      • Yes, that. Plus, just having two different loadouts would be great. Especially since one only attacks and one only defends in Rush.

      • actually you can, any changes you make to your us soldier carry over to the Russian one unless its one of the four Russian/us exclusive guns (although they can be unlocked for both sides) you will still be able to customize the Russian weapon and it’ll save attachments for when your playing as a Russian.

  3. Hurrah! They’ve tweaked the battlezones in RUSH on Kharg Island… “Combat areas on Kharg Island in Rush mode tweaked in order to disallow defenders to access the carrier ship after first base is taken and being able to enter the AA gun”
    That was a very annoying scenario when attacking.

  4. Fair play to them. Personally I hated BF3 and much preferred Bad Company 2 and MW3 but each to their own.

  5. Still not one of those 8 million yet. What were the Call of Duty sales by the way?

    • 6.5 million on day one, probably about double that by now.

  6. Impressive sales. And good news on the patch. 700MB+ I’ve heard on PS3.

  7. Awesome sales but when you look at it from the COD vs BF view, COD thrashed it in one day and it came out later. So BF3 made no impact on MW3 sales.

    • And to be fair so it shouldn’t. Two very different shooters. The only comparisons you can really draw are that BF3s ‘storyline’ (if you can call it that) is a blatent rip-off of the one in Black Ops and in both games you are shooting bad guys in the face.

      I prefer MW3 ten times over but both are good games for different reasons.

      • yes the flashbacks are very similar to had tryarch did the blops campaign but i fully expect that dice long finished the story and made a start on the level design way before black ops was released

  8. Will be looking to get back into this when Karkland is released. Nice timing!

  9. Great news for the 2nd best selling game of Q42011-might as well be champion of game sales outside of COD which reigns supreme.

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