Catherine Stray Sheep Edition Announced

Deep Silver has announced that Catherine will be getting a limited ‘Stray Sheep’ Edition when it launches in February, exclusive to Europe. The Stray Sheep Edition includes:

  • An exclusive T-Shirt that is a replica of the Rave-T-Shirt that Vincent wears in the game.
  • Two Stray Sheep bar-themed coasters.
  •  A seductive Catherine poster that  is exclusively available in this deluxe edition.
  • A pizza delivery box from the Stray Sheep Bar that serves as the packaging for all the extra items found in the European deluxe edition

Deep Silver’s Brand Manager, Peter Brolly, said:


“We wanted to offer Europe’s Catherine fans something special and unique, something that was not available before. And with a very competitive price point for the Deluxe edition, we ensure that it’s an extremely attractive proposition – just like Catherine herself.”

The Stray Sheep Edition will have an RRP of £54.99

Source: Press Release



  1. Awesome! Hope it comes to Australia, definite preorder if so.

  2. So glad I held off on importing this now.

  3. Glad they didn’t forget about us. A strange mix of content for what is, by all accounts, a strange game. Day 1 for me.

    • Hang on, why is there no art book / soundtrack like the US version? I would have thought that to be an obvious and relatively cheap thing to bundle in.

  4. I would probably pick this up if I wasn’t so confident the game will flop here in the UK. May as well just hold out and get the standard edition for about £20 a month after release.

    • Aye, just the game is enough for me

    • Thats kinda harsh dont you think? XD

      • Lol, while I’m personally really looking forward to it, its unfortunately something different and we Brits seem to avoid things like that and prefer to stick to our generic military shooters… :D

      • Hoo-ah

  5. Seductive poster you say… hmmm….
    Nah, but seriously, I doubt I’ll be getting this game. Not at full price anyway, if I see it in a bargin bin somewhere down the line and there’s nothing else I want then I’ll probably get it.

  6. Bar-themed coasters. Well, that’s a little easier to explain away than the pillowcase and boxer shorts I got with the Love Is Over edition. Certainly one of the stranger CE’s around, though it is in keeping with the game being mental.

    • Haha! Seriously? That’s the stragest collection of bonus items.

  7. :( sucks that I imported the game from the US when it came out there.
    Oh well

  8. Fantastic this can go next to my ps3 CE from the us when it arrives!

    • You know what? I’m thinking the same!

  9. ill hopefully get this edition on the cheap after release with the inevitable impact Vita will have on my wallet :P

  10. I wanted Vincend’s boxers…

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