Insider: Army of Four Currently In Development

According to a Kotaku insider, EA’s Montreal studio is currently working on a follow up to last year’s Army of Two sequel, The 40th Day. It wasn’t met by the best critical reception though managed to shift in excess of one million units across all four platforms of availability, criticized for its lack of creativity and innovation despite refining the gunplay.

The next instalment is the series has apparently been titled Army of Four and aside from four-way co-op it will also built on the Frostbite 2 engine which recently featured in Battlefield 3.


The source also claimed that “development is not going well,” a number of DICE employing having made the transition to EA Montreal after BF3’s release to help support the project.

Source: Kotaku



  1. Army of Two 40th Day was ok (didn’t play the first one), but I am finding it hard to want to return to finish the damn thing. Don’t think I’ll bother with Army of Four.

    I don’t think that adding another couple of characters into the mix will bring much to the table tbh.

  2. Loved The 40th Day. Played the co-op with a friend and it’s one of my favourite games. Not sure about 4 player though, the 2 player co-op was brilliant.

  3. played the first with my brother, was okay, but really nothing all that good. Didn’t bother with the second, and i don’t have two other friends, so this wouldn’t be worth it. It’ll probably be exactly the same anyway.

  4. I’ve always meant to play an AoT game properly. Whilst I have played through 40th day, I was doing it co-op with my mate who is a dedicated achievement hunter. Therefore we were playing it on the highest difficulty, pausing every couple of minutes to check a video guide for collectables and reloading checkpoints a lot to get some other achievements. Suffice to say, not the most fun way to experience a game for the first time… :|

  5. Straight to bargain bin release. Heed my words.

  6. Also, are EA not able to keep anything under wraps these days??

    I am guessing that they must have annoyed the hell out of a former employee, as there have been a few of these sorts of stories recently!

  7. Army of Two: 40th Day – I really did enjoy it especially co-op on storymode but, Multiplayer was a JOKE!
    EA really need to focus on fixing the Multiplayer every game by EA is falling apart – The Run, Fifa, Madden etc… they need to fix the multiplayer!

    I will keep my eyes peeled but still unsure how a 4 player can work (it could get crowded) need more info!

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