‘Back to Karkand’ Battlefield 3 Expansion Gets A Release Date

A few days ago we gave you a quick glimpse of what you can expect in the Back to Karkand expansion that’s about to launch for Battlefield 3, but at the time we were still unaware of the exact release date. That changed today, as EA have now announced when we can expect to see the new maps, vehicles, and weapons that are all included in this add-on, and we won’t be waiting long.

December 6th is the date they gave us for both the Americas and Europe, although since the PlayStation Store updates a day later in Europe, it may actually be the 7th before it shows up in your region.


Speaking of the PlayStation Store, that’s the only place you’ll be able to find it for the first week of release, per the previously announced agreement EA made with Sony to release all add-ons on the PS3 first. You can expect the Xbox 360 and PC versions to launch the following week on the 13th. Regardless of platform, the expansion will be free if you purchased the Limited Edition of the Battlefield 3.

Has anyone had a chance to play the PC or PS3 versions of the game since the patch went live on those platforms?

Source: US PS Blog



  1. One of the major issues after the patch, is enemy explosives show up on mini map without anyone spotting them. Yesterday I was seeing enemy’s claymores and mines and none of my team mates were even near them to spot them.

    The spotting system is now glitched. DICE attempt to please the noobs backfired, and now there’s a huge problem. AT Mines are almost useless now tbh.

    • But just because you didn’t have any team mates near them doesn’t necessarily mean that someone wasn’t spotting – It could have been a recon using the MAV, perched on a hill spotting away through his 12x scope, or simply any soldier using a mounted weapon with decent range.

      Not saying this was what happened of course, just trying to play devils advocate as spotting explosives was something that they patched in.

    • spotted explosives stay sported unlike enemy’s so if a recon fly’s a wav around the map then any currently deployed explosives will stay marked on the mini map for all to see.

      oh and are you seriously calling people that don’t use instant kill, very overpowered, totally undertectable before the patch unless you had thermal vision (one of the highest unlocks so not making tanks very accesible)and that take absolutely no skill, noobs?

  2. I have no idea what input lag is , Ive never been disconnected since day one and all i want now is for the voip to work properly as it DID in BC2 and not BC1 (which was a real bitch)

  3. Must play more battlefield..

  4. Supposed to be there today for PS3 but no sign yet….

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