Bungie Release Marathon Series for Free

Bungie has announced that their Marathon FPS games are now avaliable to download for free. The download pack includes Marathon, Marathon 2: Durandal and Marathon: Infinity.

The games also have updated graphics, multiplayer and game pad support, thanks to the work of the Aleph One team.

“To celebrate the 12 year development of Aleph One, the original Marathon games have been upgraded to take advantage of the new engine features.

  • Marathon has been updated with a modern HUD, high resolution graphics as well as extensive changes to the scenario to create the most authentic Marathon experience since 1994.
  • Marathon 2: Durandal has been updated with the high resolution graphics previously only available for the Xbox LIVE Arcade game.
  • Marathon Infinity has been updated with high resolution graphics.”

To download the games just click here.

Source: Bungie




  1. oooh, for Mac OSX and Linux too, not just for Windows :)

    • Aleph One always has been, I think. Marathon was always on Mac, though. Exclusive! :-)

  2. Uh, this has been like this aeons. They released the source code a loooong time ago, and Aleph One sprang up to keep the engine usable. 4 or 5 years ago, Bungie made the games freeware. Sooo, this is all old hat, no?

    This seems to just be Aleph One reaching version 1.0.

    • Yeah, my brother has been playing these. Still, good upgrades :D

  3. I would check it out, then I looked at a youtube video, I think I’ll pass. Not my cup of tea.

    • You’re missing out. It’s Doom with a brilliant scenario.

      And yeah, Aleph One has been around for ages. Nice to see Bungie officially endorsing it.

  4. sweet, i’ll give those a try.
    i just hope i can play them without feeling sick, the xbox version of Marathon gave me terrible motion sickness.

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