Vita Remote Play Is Game Specific, Not System Wide

This one has been the subject of a number of conflicting reports. Initially, we were shown Killzone 3 displayed on a Vita screen and told that it would be an option for PS3 games to feature Remote Play. Then we heard reports that it would be a system wide feature and all PS3 games would be capable of being streamed to the portable device’s gorgeous screen.

Now, Sony officials are downplaying those reports and saying, quite clearly, that it’s a feature on the PS3 side that must be included by developers. Andriasang translates an interview conducted by Munechika Nishida for Game Watch in which he posed the question to Yoshio Matsumoto, Senior VP at SCE, and Muneki Shimada, Division 2 Software Development Head.


That information is mistaken, the compatibility is achieved on the side of the PS3 game, just like normal

So that’s it then, case closed. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope that developers are more keen to utilise this function than they have been for the PSP’s Remote Play functionality.

Source: Andriasang



  1. This was the deal breaking feature for me. This news has made my decision. If it is anything like the PSP’s take up of remote play then I’m out.

    • Same – I was hoping to play some games whilst on my lunch break, what with my gaming time restrictions at home! Damn wife and child.

      However, since I would want to play AAA games in full HD glory, I would be happy if most PSN games worked, especially since they are already on the PS3s HDD – Renegade Ops, Dead Nation, Resident Evil 4 and Might & Magic on the move? Yes fucking please!

    • Take up of the PSP’s remote play had a LOT to do with controls. The lack of a second analogue stick and 2nd triggers meant that a lot of games would have struggled for buttons or needed heavily re-worked control systems for the feature.

      For the Vita it’s a lot more likely that this kind of thing might appear because the controls need very little work to adjust. The things the Vita are really missing are L2/R2, which can easily be translated to the back panel, and the L3/R3 clicker, which can be placed on the touch screen. It can even be user customisable if they wanted.

      However, it’s only right that if developers don’t want to use the feature it shouldn’t be included. I’m sure that Sony would push first party developers to add this kind of thing, but 3rd parties may be somewhat reticent if they want to re-sell a mobile version of that particular game to you…

      • If Sony want my dosh then I hope you are right Teffers. Most Vita releases will probably see a PS3 version which I’d rather have and use the Vita to play elsewhere in my house as well as on my PS3.

    • Yep same here, i have a ton of games that would be awsome on the vita. Sooooo shit remote play means NO CASH from me…….X-(

  2. Nooooooooo! There’s my dreams of skyrim and oblivion on the go shattered

  3. LOLOLOL! Knew this was the truth. Sony are the masters of half truths. So expect next to no support for PSV remote play just like the PSP.

    Why would any developer realistically outdo themselves of PSV revenue by allowing remote play when they can produce a standalone version and charge for it?

    • Good question. I don’t have an answer to that… Anyone else?

      • May give an advantage over their competitors – say, if Fifa allowed you to remote play but Pro Evo didn’t – might win sales as there would be no need to buy Fifa on PSVita. That said, not the best example since Fifa is Vita bound, but you get the gist.

        Or what if something like GTA never intends to come to Vita, yet you could play the Bowling, Darts, Pool and Arcade mini-games from the PS3 game on Vita?

    • That’s a really compelling argument. Beyond added value in the PS3 title (which is hard to judge) there’s no real reason for them to build remote play into PS3 games.

      What I’m more interested in is the games that are offering PS3 to PSV multiplayer etc… More interesting.

  4. I hope a lot of PSVita games can be played on the PS3 too. One advantage of being to remote play would be not having to put all your downloaded games on the uber expensive PSVita memory cards – my 500gb PS3 could be my external PSVita memory card! :)

  5. This is one of the features I was impressed with but wasn’t overly fussed with. But still, hopefully a few of the devs do think about using it.

    • I’m in the same boat, and I kind of expected this to be the way it would get implemented anyway.

    • Same here. It looked cool, but I’m not getting a Vita to play my PS3 games.

  6. I really don’t think we’ll know either way for a long time – even today GAF is reporting another Sony rep as confirming it IS across everything.

    • we’ll just have to wait and see then eh..?

  7. This is a real shame. Not that it can’t do it, but that the internet got excited about a leaked tech-demo without any official word on a feature that did always seem too good to be true. Now people are annoyed that it can’t when it never really could. It would be nice, admittedly, but how it could have worked on every game never made sense. You never know, I’d quite happily be proven wrong if it turns out it can.

  8. Meh I will use my psvita to play psvita games.

  9. Aww

  10. so in other words, maybe one or two games will support it?

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