WeView Verdict: Mortal Kombat

It seems Mortal Kombat has some appreciation around these parts. Hardly surprising really, NetherRealm really did an exceptional job with the reboot and the story mode could probably teach most other fighting games a thing or two. At a stretch they might even teach the likes of Street Fighter and Tekken three things about how to fit a real story mode into a game about pulverising people, but beyond that I wouldn’t like to speculate.

Maybe I should be surprised then that few of you felt the need to mention the game’s story mode in any depth, although just about everyone gave it a quick mention in a mostly positive light. The highest praise for it came from ashw92 who said that “The story mode was exciting and interesting and kept me entertained and wanting to go back to it.” I suppose you can’t ask much more from a story than that though.

[drop]There is an issue that was picked up about the story mode though, and it comes from our very on Tuffcub. He noted that he “hit a brick wall in the single player campaign when they started firing two fighters at you per match,” something I came across myself and nearly lead me to give up on the story mode altogether. I’m glad I managed to push past these unfair matches myself, as I felt the ultimate pay-off was worth it, but they really do feel very unbalanced in comparison to the other fights the campaign throws at you.

Of course it would be odd to talk about a fighter and not actually mention any of the combat. Fortunately it seems Foxhound_Solid has us covered, saying that he had high hopes for the game after seeing it was drawing inspiration from Street Fighter and having enjoyed the combat systems of earlier Mortal Kombats as well. Although he found it “wooden and slightly forced” at first, after persisting “it starts to come good” before finishing by saying that it’s “Not for the faint hearted but a great game all the same.”

Finally, lets throw things over to DrNate86 who manages to sum up the entire Mortal Kombat series pretty neatly, and even throws in a Simpsons reference.

Mortal Kombat is the kind of game that appeals to the Homer Simpson in all of us. If watching a man being punched in the crotch makes you titter like a schoolgirl, then this takes things to then next logical step by tearing him in half afterwards.

You really don’t need to say much more about the Mortal Kombat series than that.

Now, onto the verdict. Ten of you took part this week and, fortunately, everyone remembered to include their verdict along with their opinion so that keeps things nice and simple. There were two of you who thought that although the game was worth playing, it wasn’t worthy of a purchase, and rated it as a Rent It. However, the other eight of you gave the game a verdict of Buy It. So there you have it, certainly not for everyone but it seems like most of you should enjoy it.

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  1. I steered clear of it. Mk is a game I have fond memories of, I used to play the original a lot as a kid, and I didn’t want those fond memories bastardised.

  2. Whooo great WeView Review guys, now I shall create Mortal Kombat Meets on Wednesday and Thursday Evenings at 8pm! ^^

    • Are you in the US?

      • No UK, it’s annoying that we won’t connect (-_-)
        Sorry tom

    • I’m in UK. I would be interested in the meet too ! Haven’t been in one before (:

      • Awesome feel free to Join on either Wednesday or Thursday or both lol.

  3. Ignore my last post, i thought you were Delriach, my bad (:

  4. I love this game ! Had it since release day and still playing !

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      • I’ve totally ruined this page ):

      • Lol, no it’s cool, don’t worry. You can comment as much as you want – as long as it’s not trolling or other such annoyances… (probably like my unnecessary comment)

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  5. Will be all over the Komplete edition in Feb!

  6. I’m definitely going to be forking our for the Komplete edition in February.

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