Bleszinski To Unveil “Fresh” IP At The VGAs

Spike has launched another promotion for its upcoming awards ceremony, this time teasing an on-stage announcement from Epic Games design director, Cliff Bleszinski. The Gears of War lead promises that the studio’s newest project is an “entirely fresh new experience,” stamping out rumours of a Gears prequel trilogy.


Cliffy B also confirmed that the title will be developed at Epic Game’s headquarters in North Carolina and not Chair Entertainment (Infinity Blade) or the Warsaw-based People Can Fly (Bulletstorm.)



  1. Is the artwork in the background on the left related to the game?
    I guess there will quite a few surprises at the VGAs.

    • i would say i hope so, as its not a gun or military image!! which means no FPS/3PS. But i think its images of the awards/trophies from VGA

  2. Fresh as in not just for the 360 this time around?… ;)

    • I’m guessing not. With console sales almost dead even between the PS3 and 360, Epic would be fools not to go multi.

  3. VGA will be bigger than E3?

  4. Gears of War: Ultimate Dance off?
    (What?! He said fresh expierience! I’ll get my coat…)
    New IP though, looking forward to learning more.

    • Im looking forward to seeing it, but if its yet another FPS/3rdPS it doesn’t feel like a new IP to me… heres to hoping

  5. Epic are good at what they do. Just hope that this fresh IP makes its way onto the PS3.

  6. Yay for new IPs, lets hope it’s multi platform and bloody good.

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