WeView: Red Dead Redemption

For some reason deserts have pretty much one use in games, to serve as the setting for a post-apocalyptic world. It’s a strange difference from films, where they seem to be used largely for the more traditional Western setting. Fortunately we do have a few Western games to break things up, and king amongst them is probably Red Dead Redemption from Rockstar. I mean of course it’s by Rockstar, it’s an open world game. Sure, there are some developers that aren’t Rockstar who can build an open world game but every time I hear someone’s working on an open world game my mind still jumps to the Houser brothers.

Anyway, on to the adventures of John Marston in the American West. Sadly I missed the game, but it’s one that I certainly want to go back and have a look at when I’m not swamped trying to get through this year’s backlog. It looks like giving it a chance is probably a good idea, with the game scoring 10/10 back when we reviewed it. Beyond the raw numbers we had this to say about it:

Rockstar San Diego’s latest title is an unmissable game for any fan of the genre or great action adventures in general.  We don’t often get masterpieces around here, but this is certainly one of those moments in time when gamers will look back more fondly on a dusty old six shooter than anything that involves jacking cars.  The Wild West, then, is the new New York, and Rockstar have got their work cut out for them if they want Grand Theft Auto V to come anywhere near close to the majesty of Red Dead Redemption.  A job we don’t envy.

So our view is pretty positive, but what about yours? Did you enjoy fighting your way through the Old West, or could you not stand skinning animals? If you feel like taking part in this week’s WeView just drop your thoughts on Mr. Marston’s tale into the comments below.

Once you’ve given us your opinion on the game make sure you remember to rate it on the Buy ItBargain Bin ItRent ItAvoid It scale. In Monday’s verdict we’ll count up all of your votes and work out the community’s verdict on the game. If you want your verdict to count make sure you have it in by Sunday afternoon, otherwise the post will have been written.



  1. An absolute must play for me.

  2. The fun had online in co-op is amazing worth a buy just for that.

  3. i found it to be such a beautiful game, with more depth than anything ever encountered before on the PS3, even -gasp- GTA4.
    getting the platinum for RDR was the best sense of achievement and enjoyment i’ve ever had from a game, or a platinum trophy. I cannot utter how much I love this game.
    I wouldnt rate it a BUY. i’d personally buy you all a copy and give it to you, just so you experience this beautiful game.

  4. BUY IT. It’s an excellent single player game with a great story line. I’ve still only scratched the surface of online play as well and I’ve owned it for 6 months. The game unlike ha 4 never becomes tedious and always keeps you interested with varied missions and an interesting plot. It runs like a dream as well and doesn’t feel like you’re driving through syrup like gta 4. Riding your horse between missions is a pleasure. The scary is a pleasure to look at and the varied mini challenges mean the game has depth in spades. My only problem with the game was the unread nightmare dlc. I love zombies and cowboy zombies is a great idea unfortunately the story for unread nightmare is really weak and you have to grind through the game to continue rescuing towns over and over. My.advice is BUY the original game but leave unread nightmare alone and AVOID IT.

  5. Truthfully, one if the most amazing games I’ve ever played.GTA couldn’t hold a candle to this game

  6. RDR is simply a phenomenal game. Beautiful setting with a fantastic storyline. Almost certainly the best game of 2010 for me, and one that I remember fondly. It just had a great ‘feel’ to it. Beautiful visuals and a great soundtrack, that was loads of fun to play.
    Buy It!

  7. Buy It! I’ve always liked the GTA games, but have always felt the weak point of that series was normally the story as I never got truly emotionally attached to any of the characters. Admittedly gta IV was a big improvement, but that story pales in comparison with the one in Red Dead. It’s full of weird and wonderful characters that all add something different to the game and John Marston is truly a lead character that you’ll happily spend time with, right until the end…

  8. Buy It.

    I think RDR came to gaming perfection. A great setting, a complex protagonist, a mature storyline and a living world. I spent so many hours just wandering around the map, across deserts to climbing hills and seeing some awesome scenery. Plus the story is amazing, the little touches that are thrown in that make a huge difference to the mood (like the first time you go into mexico).

    This is a game that fully deserved its 10/10 score. If I wasn’t busy I’d play it again tonight.

  9. Never really got on with it to be honest.

    • Same here, I though I was the only one reading all the positive posts. I just got bored really early on in the game. Maybe it was the western setting that didn’t do it for me.

      Rent it.

      • Same here. For me it was the gameplay itself. My brother loved it, though. :)

      • i really liked it. but only enough to play through once. Then i sold it on. Due to the length i would say buy it, but buy it from bargin bin. I had more fun with LA Nior and GTA IV then i did with this. (I have kept these two)

      • Same here, I thought it was a well made game, I had great fun for about two weeks, then got bored.

    • I thought it was ok but got bored with it early on. I would play it for an hour or so and then the music would make me feel sleepy.
      Still, it must be cheap now so BUY IT.

  10. It is a very good game well worth giving some time to, however I did end up becoming bored with it – I haven’t progressed much passed the point you cross the river. I don’t quite know why I became bored, I think this game is a bit too open world for me, I never knew what to do next, where I should be going. It is very like the more recent GTA entries in that the game is expertly crafted, but somewhat boring.

    Also I hated how hard it is to tell who you’re supposed to be shooting at a lot of the time, I kept losing honour because I would shoot the wrong person by mistake in one of those random encounters. Lacking a surround sound setup I also had heaps of trouble finding these in the first place thanks to the complete lack of visual cues.

    In summary: buy it, but don’t expect perfection.

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