Tony Hawk Hints At VGA Showing Of New Game

[drop2]“I’ll be announcing the upcoming release of something new on Sat,” said Tony Hawk on Twitter overnight.  “The same day as the Spike Video Game Awards,” he continued. “Coincidence? I think not.”

As far as I’m concerned the Tony Hawk series has gone steeply downhill this generation – the first two were amazing (and 2X was good enough for me to import an American Xbox just to play it on) and three and four followed up nicely.


But the rest were crappy, and the peripheral junk turned what was a passion of mine into a laughing stock.

You’ll remember Spike TV’s own hype machine, Geoff Keighley, has been pumping up his Twitter followers for the last, well, twelve months about the show, which kicks off on Saturday night over in the States.

Presumably separate to the Hawk thing, he’s been teasing a big PS3 exclusive that ‘you won’t believe‘ and many have speculated that it’s Sony’s own much rumoured charactered-based brawler currently rumoured to be dubbed Title Fight.

The game, whatever it is, is something to do with Sony.

“We have been working with Sony on a massive announcement that no-one is going to seen coming. I’m shocked every day that none of this has leaked out,” says Keighley in a video.

“We have something absolutely mind blowing from Sony that we are going to unveil at the VGA’s and you are going to see a trailer, not a teaser, you’re going to meet the characters, see the world and it’s all done in the game engine and it comes from an absolutely amazing developer.”

“People are going to be pretty shocked when they realise what has been going on behind the scenes.”

Well, that’s his job done then.



  1. Please be THUG 3, Please be THUG 3, Please be THUG 3

  2. Pro Skater 2 HD. Best sports game ever made. That is all.

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