Uncharted 3 Concept Art

Naughty Dog have updated their Facebook page with a fresh set of concept art from Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception.

Images include decorated guns, Nathan’s harness and models of various characters.


A selection the images are below including a rather excellent Indiana Jones pastiche, for the complete set head on over to Facebook.



  1. Love that last picture. Very Indi!

    • Gotta love Victor ‘Goddamn’ Sullivan’s expression lol. I’m going back through Uncharted 2 for the trophies and I forgot how amazing it was

      • thats his ‘After Sex’ Cigar! The smirk says it all. He hit trap2

      • Lol, maybe he wooed Chloe. And Uncharted 2 did not have enough Sully in at all!

      • haha, that was shame about UC2. Not enough Sully, but replaced by Chloe who in UC3 there’s not enough of.

      • Ermm, why is Chloe doing a Lara Croft dive?

      • She looks like she’s on a chaise lounge that was subsequently removed. Sully looks hilarious though!

  2. Penny arcade gun is hilarious.. Loving that..

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