Battlefield Moments #1

Hello and welcome to the very first edition of “Battlefield Moments.”As you may have guessed from the article’s title that I shamelessly pinched from EA’s marketing team, Battlefield Moments is a new bit we’re doing for an undetermined length of time on some of the experiences we have in Battlefield 3. This will also be a place for you to share some of your war stories from the front lines of DICE’s latest shooter.

One of the things that makes Battlefield 3 so great is how much can happen at any one time on the…. erm, battlefield. Between all the infantry duking it out on the ground with standard arms and the helicopters, jets, tanks and other war machines causing vehicular mayhem, there’s always a lot going on pretty much regardless of what objective mode you’re playing. When you combine all those elements with 24 different players (or more if you’re a PC dude/dudette) all fighting over the same objectives, some extraordinary and unforgettable moments can unfold before your eyes.

Our first story took place on Seine Crossing and didn’t actually include any vehicles. I was playing Conquest and ended up having one of the most vicious infantry firefights I’ve ever seen in a multiplayer game. The opposing team had taken areas A and D early in the match. We took B from the start which led both teams to meet at C, the back streets objective flag.

They were dug in strong in a couple of different places across from our point of entry but from our side of the map, we pretty much only had the one set of steps that led up to the back side. There was also a building to our right but anyone that attempted to set up shop in it was immediately mowed down by our opposition.

[drop2]So instead, about 7 of us just lined up on the steps where we could just barely poke our heads over the top and laid down fire. A couple of other guys went prone and crawled to the top of the steps which gave them a good angle where they were hard to hit. The fight lasted for almost 5 minutes. When someone took a chunk of lead to the skull (because that’s all the enemy could see), someone else would step up and take their place.

At one point I took a step back to survey the situation and saw eight of our guys on these stairs trying to lay down fire, with two others safely sitting back, one handing out ammo, and the final member of our team was dealing with life and revives when they were needed.

Our team was finally able to break through thanks to some intelligent flanking tactics by a couple of our boys who swung around to the high side of C and through the narrow corridor where they could lay down fire from a different angle. We ended up losing that game and we probably should have started flanking before so much time passed, but it still provided a level of intensity that could traditionally only be staged for a marketing video. There were so many suppressing bullets coming our way that I remember the edges of my screen being blurry for entire minutes at a time.

Another interesting bit from that game was a gift like no other that was bestowed upon me. Shortly after we took C and drove them back out in to the main street near A, I spawned on C and started to run their direction to help with the annexation of A. I quickly ran and jumped down the stairs in the small room across from the alley A is placed in. I couldn’t see what was in front of me when I jumped down and when I landed, I was shocked to find 4 enemies. All of them close to one another, and all of them facing away from me.

I literally froze for a couple of seconds because I couldn’t think of the best way to take them out. Should I knife them? Grenade them? Finally, I lost all train of thought and just started spraying. Those couple of seconds ended up costing me because I could only get 3 of them before the last guy turned around and tried to play a friendly game of catch with his bullets. I had no problem catching them.

That about does it for this edition of Battlefield Moments. With the Back to Karkand DLC having launched this week on PS3 and next week for the 360 and PC, we hope to have many more of these in the future.

With that, we’ll leave it to you. Head down to the comments section and tell us what your craziest moment in Battlefield 3 has been. Anyone crash a jet in to a pack of enemy infantry soldiers yet?



  1. “That godforsaken beach”

  2. This just makes me want to get home from uni and play this online so much more! Can’t believe what I’m missing!!!

  3. My best moment has to be:
    In a tank duking it out with infantry. One caused trouble and so when I dealt with him a jet had hit me. It came in from behind and hit me again. SO then it was in front of me and came in slow so as it killed me I shot it with 120mm of pain! Sadly only disables them but the killcam of a spinning, burning jet was worth it!

  4. Hmmm, where do I start?
    Bad Company 2, parachuting down on the beginning of Port Valdez (rush mode). Someone targeted a person across the length of the map at the construction sight where the stationary AT is, so I aim down the sight (bear in mind I’m moving about in the air, no steady aim, as it’s a thompson I have no zoom, and crack off a shot. Headshot the guy, marksman headshot +452. Was massively surprised. The guy must already have been very low on health.
    I’ve also sniped the pilot out of the helicopter with a +395 marksman headshot, and caused it to crash into the sea, killing the 3 others, using my trusty M95 on Atacama Desert. Not my only pilot but it’s my sweetest.
    Knifing the rank 1 PS3 player in the world (at the time) was pretty damn satisfying as well. I have a lot of stories like the above ones on the game.
    I don’t have a fraction of the amount of these stories on BF3 probably due to not playing it as religiously as I did BC2. Some funny ones though include driving a jeep over the cliff of Damarkvard Peak amd landing on an enemy hicopter in the air, blowing it but strangely enough not my jeep up. Those 4 people must have been pissed.
    I leave you with this video my friend lurch found last night though, best kill ever!

  5. I should note since getting the plat my playtime of BF3 has dropped dramatically, didn’t do anything of the sort on BC2. Yet to even download the Back to Karkand DLC!

  6. Ah i have an awesome moment. Playing this over my mates and just about to line up a sniper shot. Get the scope over a guys head when all of a sudden a plane comes in and crashes straight into him. Had me and my friend laughing for ages.

  7. My best moment on Battlefield 3 so far happens to be my most humiliating…

    Operation Firestorm. Rush. Attacking. I was in the A-10 Thunderbolt merrily taking out ground forces to help my team get to the objectives. I come in for a fly by on a tank which is between the two tall structures next to both of the first two M-COM sites… As I come swooping down, I take out the tank. Job done. I begin to gain altitude again only to collide with a damn lampost! Fail!

    To top it all off… Lee (Lee-ma) was in a tank facing the action and got a front row seat for my incompetence…

    • I have nearly 200 jet kills and still die all the time from the damn lampposts.

    • i’m nearly at my 2nd jet service star and 90% of the time i’ll end up suiciding

  8. I believe Jambo anf FunkyyMunky will agree with me on this one when I say my jet run first time on Wake Island was quite spectacular. Literally:
    Jambo – Hey Death can you try take down that jet?
    Me – Yeh sure
    Enemy Plane – *explodes*
    Jambo – that was quick

    That x5 :L

  9. I’ve had many in Battlefield 3. From having epic Jet fails to getting lucky with being behind the enemies and getting 4 knife kills in quick succession. One of the funnier things I like to do though is take a Jeep packed with C4 and go find me some enemies. I only do it when I’m bored, but it’s a great way of taking out that god forsaken AA gun. Here is a video I took of me using the C4 Jeep. Not the best quality, I had to lower Fraps recording size to stop it from destroying my computer.

    • Haha that is pretty damn awesome.

  10. I’ve had a couple of epic times in BF3. One where I got a 11 man kill streak, in the space of a minute, with a bolt action sniper rifle.

    But I loved it when I pulled of 3 headshots at 631m and went from 0 points to over 2600. :)

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