Top 100 of 2012: 95-91 – Yakuza, Secret World and Final Fantasy

This is a continuation of a series, the preivous part can be found here.

95 Yakuza: Dead Souls

The Yakuza games have always been something of an acquired taste. They’re massively popular in their native Japan and they have a hardcore following in the west too but they’ve never quite made it into the mainstream. Perhaps Dead Souls could change all that.


They’ve taken Yakuza’s well known Kamurocho setting and given it a liberal sprinkling of zombies. Yes, this Yakuza game is set during a zombie outbreak. The authorities have failed to clean up the streets and now your band of four veteran Yakuza characters are the only ones who can save the district.

It still has plenty of mini games that the series is famous for, as well as similar gameplay mechanics. It’s just got zombies too. Sounds very weird to me but then, that’s part of the charm.

94 Planetside 2

Planetside 2 is something like a reboot for the first game, rather than a direct sequel. It features the same three factions, fighting over the same territory (the planet, Auraxis) at roughly the same time as the first Planetside. But it looks really interesting.

This is being made by Sony Online Entertainment for the PC and it sounds like it will be set on a huge scale. It’s a large open world battlefield on which hundreds of players can play at once. You fight for territorial control and your actions have a deep consequence in shaping the battlefield.

It’s looking like it’ll be free to play too, with a cash shop that sells customisation articles for your characters. It’s been said that the cash shop will not sell upgrades that make you more powerful though, just cosmetic things.

93 The Secret World

Another MMO for the PC, this time from Funcom and EA. The Secret World is going to throw some strange concepts into the massively multiplayer arena. There will be alternate reality aspects that tie in to the real world and plenty of social networking hooks. It won’t have levels or classes but will progress characters based on skills.

The fact that Funcom also plans to have an overarching plot and make the game a linear story-driven affair is interesting too. It will be intriguing to see how they pull off an engaging narrative in an MMO setting.

That said, the range of skills and abilities as well as the myriad of weapon options, including firearms and melée weaponry, should mean that there’s plenty of variation to the gameplay. The only thing that’s mildly concerning is that they’re using the Age of Conan engine.

92 Final Fantasy Type-0

At this point, I feel like we’ve already made all the possible jokes concerning how many Final Fantasy games there are. Feel free to make your own jokes below. Sufficed to say: there are a lot of Final Fantasy games. But then, it’s an incredibly popular franchise.

Type-0 is an action RPG with a real time battle system that mixes action with Final Fantasy’s Active Time Battle system to allow for the control of multiple characters. You’ll build your party of three from a range of up to fourteen characters and take them from town to town, discovering enemy strongholds and taking on missions.

It’s set within the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology, like XIII, and takes part across four nations in Oriens. There are still l’Cie and Eidolons to summon too so it sounds very much like an expansion to the universe that XIII inhabited.

It’s out in Japan now but there are high hopes for a western release (still unconfirmed) in 2012. The game scored 39/40 in Famitsu too, so it’s certainly got some quality about it.


The first appearance on our list for a Nintendo 3DS title. Crush3D is a remake of the Zoe Mode puzzler that was first seen in 2007 on the Sony PSP. This version has been tweaked based on feedback from that PSP version as well as having the visuals spruced up and a brand new story added.

It’s basically a puzzle game in which you move between the second and third dimensions in order to find a way out of the puzzle. You can view the puzzle from four different directions, as well as from overhead, and at any point you can decide to “crush” the level into the 2D plane. So you look around the level to find a way that works and then crush it to traverse a path. You can also expand the level out again, creating routes to new areas and opening up the chance to poke around and find hidden objects and secrets.

Hopefully the 3D viewpoint will be enhanced by the 3DS’ autostereoscopic screen and the levels – usually based around a mad scientist’s antics – will pop nicely. The game is due to be released in January too, so there’s not that long to wait!



  1. Really looking forward to the Yakuza game.

  2. I’m beginning to think Type-0, a game I was looking forward to since announcement, is just going to pass me by.
    I’m more than likely going to be moved into the next generation of handheld consoles before it comes out…

    • So what? It will be playable on the Vita.

      • True.
        But how often do you go and play a PS2 game nowadays instead of a PS3 game?

      • Not often, but then it’s just one game. I only got myself a PS2 after i had a PS3, and played FFXII on it (besides MGS3), it looked so good it could’ve just needed a res upscale to pass as a HD game.

  3. really want to have a go at type-0, I love all the final fantasy’s, it does look good

  4. I tried one of the Yakuza game demos and just didn’t ‘get’ it. Just seemed like an over-complicated fighting game to me.

  5. I can not wait for Yakuza ! The co-op play will make it just that bit better.

  6. Both of those MMO’s look interesting, but I’ll need a new computer before I even think about trying to play one, and when I get a new PC playing EVE Online is definitely going to be what I do first.

    Type-0 could be good I guess but I will only be playing it if it’s available digitally at a good price, so I can play it on Vita. If I get a Vita.

    Better if they do a Peacewalker style PS3 port and bundle it on bluray with FFX and XII, all with nice full trophy lists. :)
    If they did that they would have a No. 1 most anticipated release, and would pretty much make my gaming year.

  7. Yakuza for me has always been somewhat of a poor man’s Shenmue! This latest installment just seems a complete overreach devoid of original ideas.

  8. I was afraid you’d put Versus this far down on the list after seeing the thumbnail. Phew.

    Planetside looks to take the crown for biggest online battles in a shooter, or game for that matter.

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