WeView Verdict: Red Dead Redemption

Well, well, well that was a bit of a surprise. I suspected Red Dead Redemption would prove a popular game, but not quite this popular. Thirty of you took part this week, which I think may be our biggest turn out ever. Of course, Rockstar’s titles do tend to prove exceptionally popular both critically and commercially, so maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised at the number of you who wanted to share your thoughts on the game.

As this is a Rockstar title many of you were keen to talk about the sheer size of the game’s world. I suspect if I’d gone for GTA IV there would have been many similar comments. tonycawley was one of you who picked up on it, saying “I can honestly see what a great achievement this game is for Rockstar, they’ve created an outstandingly atmospheric world, and it’s truly massive. Just one huge playground to run around in.” I think the playground aspect is what makes open world games shine, rather than the missions themselves.

[drop2]The other core aspect that many of you were keen to talk about was just how good the game’s story was and how much you felt for the characters. With games of this scale getting this right can often be a challenge, particularly when there’s so much you can do beyond the core story. It seems that  Red Dead Redemption thrives in spite of this, with Nocure-fd commenting that they “…thought it was very well written, they did a great job of showing John Marston as a man in a very difficult position. Not to mention how even in the intro they show that many of todays problems are infact nothing new…”

However, not everyone was so keen on the game’s openness. “It is a very good game well worth giving some time to,” started MayContainEvil, before admitting that “I did end up becoming bored with it – I haven’t progressed much passed the point you cross the river. I don’t quite know why I became bored, I think this game is a bit too open world for me, I never knew what to do next.” I’m certainly familiar with that feeling of being overwhelmed, even though I adore the Assassin’s Creed series I did find myself with far too much to do in Brotherhood. Even after owning and fixing everything I think I could still spend twenty or thirty hours working through what’s left.

Ultimately though, the general consensus was one of love for the title. I think our very own OriginalJonty rounds things up nicely, saying “I think RDR came close to gaming perfection. A great setting, a complex protagonist, a mature storyline and a living world. I spent so many hours just wandering around the map, across deserts to climbing hills and seeing some awesome scenery.” Gaming perfection eh? Well lets see how many of you agreed.

With thirty of you taking part it might make the overall verdict obvious when I say that just two of you voted for Rent It, and another two decided on a verdict of Bargain Bin It. That’s right, an absolutely overwhelming twenty-six of you decided that the game is worth of a Buy. You really can’t argue with that.

Before I leave you I just wanted to note that tomorrow is going to be our last WeView of the year. If anyone has an idea for rounding the year off just drop me a comment below.



  1. gotta be the GOTY…. Stacking!

  2. Last of the year eh? Got to be something interesting then, something that will really split opinion.
    Battlefield 3 maybe?

  3. Can I just mention that I suggested everyone buy it twice? ;-)

  4. Excellent. It highlights just how bad LA Noire was too. Think of the size of that map, and how much there was to do. Pathetic in comparison really. RDR definitely in my top 10 games ever.

  5. I just rented it for PS3 and thought it was crap. *yawn* damn you age I swear years ago I would’ve liked it.

    • Age has nothing to do with it – I really enjoyed it.

    • I didn’t like it either

  6. Oh, I got a mention. Guess not everything I say is completely useless! Result.

    I also suggested people should buy it twice :P

  7. Bulletstorm. Put that in for the Weivew and I’ll put a review in.

  8. The only thing I had a problem with in the game was the lack of open spaces, i wanted to wander in the wilderness without walking into a path or road, they were everywhere. Other than that, it was absolutely amazing, the bears especially. Those sneaky bastards. Since when do bears attack in groups and with stealth!? The cougars were stealthy little knobs too, one would kill your horse in one swipe from behind, the other would pounce and and try and rip your face off. Mental. Fantastic game.

  9. Yay I got a quote :)

    How about next week doing the Team Ico Collection? I would personally be quite interested to see what the general consensus is regarding those.

  10. I liked the game, but i found that towards the end of the game, it all just slowed down…. then there was the ending which was clever. The slow down in pace at the end did make sense based on the plot, but i found myself a little empty after it had all finished. Was hoping for a better build up to the final mission. But thats my opinion and im usually wrong about these things :)

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