First Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Details Coming Tomorrow

Rockstar games has officially announced that Max Payne 3 will be making its multiplayer debut tomorrow via IGN.

The blog post is fairly light on details, but assures fans that the fluid gunplay previously featured will make a direct transition into MP3’s online component.


For now feast your eyes on this first multiplayer image.

Source: Rockstar Blog



  1. Yeah, but the staple of Max Payne is the Bullet Time mechanic & i fail to see how that could be implemented into a multiplayer arena. :S

    Other than that, it could end up being generic multiplayer #122234, but will wait to see what is announced at least.

    I do wish some companies would realise that not everything needs multiplayer though.

  2. That screen looks like everything I dislike about modern games.

    • I can already hear some 10 year old screaming at me to suck my mother’s penis…

  3. It looks a wee bit like Uncharted online but then again i guess every online 3rd person shooter does :P

  4. MP3 looks absolutely awesome, but not sure how the multiplayer will work.

  5. Nothing to get excited about really. All I care for is Starhawk to be honest.

  6. Most unnecessary multiplayer ever?

    • Surely that award goes to Dead Space 2

      • Assassin’s Creed?

      • what about Mass effect, that might turn out to be s**t…

    • Both fine choices, though the AC multiplayer worked really well and was different from everything out there. This is just another 3rd person shooter.

  7. Could be a screen from one of a dozen games. If they’re bothering to do it (which in my opinion is wholly unnecessary) hopefully they’ll give it unique elements which might separate it from all the other ‘me too!’ multiplayer modes that this generations games seem to be shoehorning in.

  8. Hey… I think I may have figured out how to do Bullet Time in Max Payne 3 multiplayer.

    Check it out:

    You have quick, one on one duels… random generated, semi-close quarter areas. It is always one on one and that way the bullet time can be used as a tactical advantage if it is used properly.

    So, what does everyone else in the game lobby do?

    They watch.

    Look at Mortal Kombat’s spectator mode, something like that would be awesome. The host of the MP room in MP3 could even go as to define the location of the shootouts, which could potentially define what the “spectator room” looks like.

    Everyone gets to watch and see what the possible opponents do, do they like to dive over obstacles and activate bullet time? Do they like to activate bullet time and come around corners? Do they prefer to sneak up on you and then* activate it.

    Camera controls, kill cams, a replay system/editor… we have enough run and gun games out there R* – make this one unique. One on One duels w/ spectator mode could theoretically allow for multiplayer bullet time!

    • No, I am pretty sure that would be pretty awful in a shooter.

      It’s sometimes bad enough watching killcams, let alone someone elses game! I appreciate that you are trying to innovate, but I just don’t think that would work tbh.

  9. I think it will look and handle much like Uncharted. Which, i’ll still stand by my guns and say was completely unnessecary imo. It’s a shame R* have decided to add multiplayer to MP3 but its innevitable really as every developer feels the need to now. On the plus side, this is still one of the few games which my missus is looking forward to so and least i can get let off Eastenders duty to play it :P

  10. I’ll stick to the story mode thanks :)

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