Top 100 of 2012: 70-66 – StarCraft, Silent Hill and Binary Domain

More games, more robots, and another Vita exclusive. If you missed yesterday’s games take a peek over here, otherwise it’s time for numbers 70-66:

70 Transformers Universe

Barely anything has been revealed about this upcoming MMO, in development at British developer Jagex, but that hasn’t stopped it charting at an impressive number 70 in our list.


What we do know is that the game will be set in the ‘Prime’ timeline, will be ‘action-orientated’, and is being built on an upgraded version of Jagex’s RuneScape engine. Players will be able to create their own Transformer and side with either the Autobots or Decepticons.

Expect more information at BotCon – yes, the Transformers convention – in Dallas this April. Transformers Universe should be out sometime later in 2012.

69 StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

To underestimate the size of the StarCraft fanbase would be foolish. Sure, it’s not up there with World of Warcraft or Call of Duty, but one million sales on day one (and three million within the first month) is nothing to scoff at. Blizzard have been constantly updating the game since then, but the significant upgrades – such as a refreshed – will come with Heart of the Swarm.

Heart of the Swarm is a standalone expansion with a single-player campaign focused this time on the creepy Zerg race, following the Terran-based Wings of Liberty. Taking over from Jim Raynor as lead character is Kerrigan, who is trying to reclaim the swarm and get revenge on Mengsk. There’s a whole bunch of engine and gameplay changes too (and they’re scrapping the Carrier – sad times!), as well the launch of the ‘Arcade’, a central and official destination for finding custom maps and mods.

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm should be touching down sometime in mid-2012 on PC and Mac.

68 Quantum Conundrum

You might not remember Quantum Conundrum by name, but you’ll probably recall it if I say the words ‘fluffy dimension’. The new project of Portal’s Kim Swift, and in development at Airtight Games, the game sees you searching your crazy inventor uncle’s mansion, trying to find where he’s disappeared to. With the assistance of a glove that switches dimensions. Naturally.

The ‘Interdimensional Shift Device’ allows you to switch into a number of different dimensions including one where everything is fluffy and super-light (my personal favourite), one where time travels slowly, and one where gravity is reversed, in order to solve various puzzles and find your uncle.

Quantum Conundrum is due out in the ‘early 2012’ on PSN, XBL and PC download.

67 Binary Domain

I’ll be honest, I almost immediately wrote off Binary Domain, the squad based shooter from the team behind the Yakuza games. And, true, it’s not the prettiest or most unique game in the world, but I think it surprised quite a few people that played it at EGX in September with something sometimes lost in modern gaming: fun.

If you’ve played Vanquish or the Lost Planet games you’ll be right at home here – the feel of the game is  very similar. Binary Domain sees you shooting a whole range of robot beasties, each noticeably larger than the last. One of the coolest elements is the ‘consequence system’, where your AI teammates will judge whether to trust your orders based on past experience – send them blindly into a suicide mission one too many times and they’ll think twice about listening to you in future.

Oh and did I mention it has voice controls? Maybe it’s too much time wasted on the SOCOM games in my youth, but there’s just something cool about them.

Binary Domain is out February 17th on PS3 and 360.

66 Silent Hill: Book of Memories

The first of next year’s two new Silent Hill games on our list, Book of Memories is about as far from the regular formula as you can get whilst still calling it a Silent Hill game. Gone is the third-person survival horror, and in its place is an isometric, co-op action title.

There’s a whole new storyline and completely customisable characters, but returning creatures and limited resources should keep the tension up. Is it really Silent Hill? Eh, the jury’s still out on that one. However, it does look like it could be pretty decent regardless.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories is an early 2012 Vita-exclusive title, with Konami aiming for a ‘launch window’ release.



  1. Id say Silent Hill Memories is about as Silent Hill as Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City is Resident Evil.

    To use a Transformer fan term – they are just nameslaps.

    • what on earth is a nameslap?

      anyway, i haven’t played Operation Racoon City but i’m gonna guess it’s not very Resident Evil. ^_^

      • i just realised, nobody’s played that Resi game yet.
        i was thinking of the ds game, whatever it was called. >_>

  2. I was wondering what happened to Quantum Conundrum just a while ago. Still very much interested in the game.

  3. Quantum Conundrum. That is all.

  4. I hadn’t heard of Quantum Conundrum before but now that i’ve watched the video below i’m very much interested.

  5. Heart of the swarm! :D

  6. Quantum conundrum does look pretty awesome. Looks very interesting.

  7. Never doubted Binary Domain, seeing as its from the team behind Yakuza….. I was simply sold with the cutscenes haha, fun gameplay is a +.

    Is it only consoles though?

  8. All of these except the Silent Hill one interest me.

  9. Quantum Conundrum looks amazing, really excited for that one.

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