3DS Is Now Australia’s Fastest Selling Console Ever

Nintendo has revealed that sales of its 3DS have surpassed any previous handheld or home console to become the fastest selling console ever in Australia.

According to data from the NPD Group in Australia, the 3DS passed the 200,000 sales mark after just 37 weeks – faster than any other console previously released in the region.


Even after the price cut, the console’s still sitting pretty at a massive AUS$249.95. That’s some dedication from our Australian friends.

Source: Gamasutra



  1. “Handheld or home console” is the surprising bit to me here… That’s pretty darn impressive for the 3DS.

    • Wow I bet Ninty are chuffed with that result. I’m really hoping the 3DS finds success now some decent games are coming out for it (and not just because I own one)

  2. Flaming galah!

  3. People don’t actually say ‘strewth’ over here, you know.

    • I know, it was just a failed attempt at trying to be mildly amusing =P

      • Oh that’s okay :)

        Personally I would’ve likened it to a rampaging bandicoot, just because bandicoots are awesome. Or said “like a koala to gumtrees”, or something. But whatevs, it’s still good.

    • What about ‘Croikey’?? :)

      • …..or “spunky”? I remember that being said on Neighbours all the time back in the day.

        Or perhaps I’m on completely the wrong website.

      • @shields_t No, you’re quite right, that Scott was a total spunk.

      • Spunky sounds like it was popular in the 80’s, I’ve heard some older bogan types say crikey, I think, but it’s not something normally said.

  4. The thought the internet said the 3DS was dead? lol But then again the price drop helped it. I just hope the PSVita has a price drop sooner rather than wait a year or more.

  5. Once they couldn’t even afford a loaf of bread, and had to steal it instead. Amazing what a little ticking off, a cruise and an extended holiday in the sun can do for people.

  6. wonder what all the naysayers have to say about “handheld” consoles are going the way of the dodo with these sale figures?

    • I also wonder and would actualy want a word with them if handhelds are a trend later down the line

  7. A small victory compared to the major markets out there but its finally good news for the 3DS.

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