“Hello World” Running On PS Vita Via PSP Emulation

[drop2]Looks like someone has been busy since the PlayStation Vita released yesterday, already getting a basic “Hello World” script to run on the console, albeit via the PSP emulation mode.

“Technically, the idea behind the hack is simple but brilliant,” says the source.


“The PS Vita has a PSP emulator, and we have plenty of PSP game exploits lying around. Can we assume they will work on the emulator? That’s what teck4 tried, and the answer is yes, so he managed to run unsigned code on the PS Vita.”

This isn’t the Vita being hacked (although I’m sure that’ll be the headlines later) rather the Vita happily running unsigned PSP code via the PSP emulation mode, which limits the code somewhat but still seems odd that this wasn’t plugged.

“So this can theoretically only allow to run PSP homebrews on the Vita,” says the report, “and also, only User-mode ones.”

Via GAF.



  1. Judging by what Sony did with the new PSP, they’ve probably stripped the emulation of most things like Store and Radio access so it’s doubtful this hack will ever have hardware access. If anything this just goes to show how little Sony care about the PSP if they don’t even secure it in the next generation.

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