“Hello World” Running On PS Vita Via PSP Emulation

[drop2]Looks like someone has been busy since the PlayStation Vita released yesterday, already getting a basic “Hello World” script to run on the console, albeit via the PSP emulation mode.

“Technically, the idea behind the hack is simple but brilliant,” says the source.


“The PS Vita has a PSP emulator, and we have plenty of PSP game exploits lying around. Can we assume they will work on the emulator? That’s what teck4 tried, and the answer is yes, so he managed to run unsigned code on the PS Vita.”

This isn’t the Vita being hacked (although I’m sure that’ll be the headlines later) rather the Vita happily running unsigned PSP code via the PSP emulation mode, which limits the code somewhat but still seems odd that this wasn’t plugged.

“So this can theoretically only allow to run PSP homebrews on the Vita,” says the report, “and also, only User-mode ones.”

Via GAF.



  1. As long it’s limited to the PSP emulator, I’m fine with it, but when it leads to homebrew in Vita mode, we all know piracy is just around the corner, which sadly never is a good thing for a console.

  2. Does the PSP emulator have access to all of the Vita’s hardware? If yes, then at least from a retro emulation perspective they’d have a pretty capable emulation host. I just hope they learned a lesson or two and made sure the Vita itself is secure.

  3. Interesting to see how much system access the PSP emulator has… What’s the betting a 2nd SKU is released with the emulator removed?

    If the PSP mode has much system access then you can assume 3rd parties won’t be bringing big budget games to the system in the volume we wish for

    • which is bad news

    • I’m expecting the feature to be removed in an update, to the applause of some people.

  4. Looks like Sony will be removing another launch feature. I wonder how Sony will handle this, if they truly remove the other OS because it enabled jailbreaking, they’d be hypocrites if they don’t remove the PSP emulater too… if it also can enable jailbreaking. But the PSP emulater is a bigger selling point of the PSV then the other OS was to the PS3. Removing it could hurt the handheld, but then again leaving it in could also hurt it… if it leads to ‘instant’ piracy. Oh Sony tell me, is the bed you made nice and warm?

    • Just depends how ‘sandboxed’ the PSP mode is, but if code ran in the PSP mode can gain access to the system or the PSV GameOS it’s bad news. An early indication is it will allow zero system access which is good news for those wanting a vibrant 3rd party eco-system & by extension the success of the platform, so it’s just a case of waiting & seeing now

    • My first thoughts were that it’d be removed too, but hopefully it doesn’t come to that

  5. nothing wrong with homebrew at all but im sure it will turn to piracy eventually…

  6. .hackers are über cool. Seriously why do people feel the need to do this rubbish! Fingers crossed Sony makes sure it can be isolated or not effect the way in the vita runs.

    • People enjoy a challenge.

    • To get the most out of their device, it’s why people root android phones.

  7. I suspect he may have got into the developer program, which I’m also in the running for and is just bullshitting about the rest of it. You get access to an SDK and can make signed code for your consoles/portables to run.

    That said this wouldn’t be the first time new hardware has been cracked open day one..

  8. Hope this doesn’t lead to Vita piracy… It’s a cool and pretty much essential feature, I wouldn’t like to see it removed.

  9. If the PSP emulator is unable to get to anything else, which is quite likely, then I’d imagine that even if they get PSP piracy working through that, it still won’t affect the Vita itself. And would be handy for those PSP games we own that never end up on the store.

  10. why must they ruin it for the rest of us :|

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