Atlus Announces Holiday Event for Demon’s Souls

Atlus has announced Pure White World Tendency Event for Demon’s Souls to celebrate the holiday season. That’s right, Demon’s Souls, so it’s time to dust off those discs if you haven’t played it in a while.

The event will ease Demon’s Souls difficulty and will also be “unlocking otherwise inaccessible areas and items.” A few months back, Atlus announced that it would be extending the life of Demon’s Souls online servers into 2012, though how long into 2012 is unknown.


If you haven’t yet played Demon’s Souls, you could probably pick it up for a bargain price now or send Father Christmas a letter or email and ask him for a copy.

Source: Press Release.



  1. White tendency worlds are very hard to come by normally, as it requests the player to kill black-phantoms and other enemies without dying. If you can keep this up for a (long) while, the tendency shifts. Black tendency is much easier, cause that will occur when you die a lot when not in soul-form.

    The white tendency causes some gates to be opened. For instance the first gate on your left in the Boletarian castle world. Which leads to a powerful witch with an even more powerful guillotine.

    Don’t say I didn’t warn y’all :)

    • The first gate on the left in boletaria 1-1 opens with pure white OR pure black.

    • Yeah, that witch was one of my first encounters in Demon’s Souls – what a bitch! Lets just say I went back later to murder her! Got some good armour from her iirc.

    • Killing black phantoms is how you move tendancy from pure black towards white. Killing every boss in the world moves tendancy from neutral to pure white, unless you die of course.
      The “witch” is executioner Miralda who drops the guillotine axe.
      The single hardest pure white event to get is Black Phantom Garl Vinland as you require pure white on 5-3. Go get it while you can!

  2. Really loved Demon’s Souls and finished it long ago (at least once) then got stuck in NG+, am not sure whether I’ll go back to it now, although that’s tempting, it’s such a brilliant game…
    But, they’d rather eased the pain a little for Dark Souls… got completely stuck there already early on, really seems so much more difficult, had to play some easy and rewarding Rage in between…

    • I’d be interested to know where you got stuck and would gladly help out mate :)

      Weirdly I found Dark Souls easier than Demon’s Souls, I think it was because you could always bugger off somewhere else and make progress if one area proved too much.

  3. Still interested in playing this, and Dark Souls. I have a feeling I might just hate it though, would love more games to have demos, they’re really in short supply lately.

    • I’m the same, I’m really interested by it and love the setting, but I think the difficulty would me homicidal!

  4. “so it’s time to dust off those discs”
    That disc. It’s a disc. PS3 games naturally come on a single Blu-ray.

    • I think he meant in a collective term for everyone that owns it :P Shame I’ve sold the game, played it to numerous NG+++++++ (or whatever) and platted it.

      • Nice mate, i was always tempted to plat it but after NG+ i just had enough.

  5. Still haven’t gotten around to play this game, hopefully in the new year i will get it cheap somewhere.

  6. Awesome to see they’re still doing these. Pure white is hard to get, a good reason to go back! Think the servers will be going down relatively soon so it may well be the last one of these special events they do.

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