WeView Verdict: Dead Space 2

So here we are, the year’s drawing to a close and with it comes the last WeView verdict of the year. Fear not though dear reader, we’ll be back in the new year with even more games for you to give your thoughts on; possibly even some that you got for Christmas. Anyway, as you’re probably well aware the year’s final title was Dead Space 2, one of the games that kicked off 2011 all the way back in January.

If you remember the original WeView post last week I expressed my doubts about the Dead Space sequel, largely due to the over-use of jump scares actually lowering the level. It seems that I wasn’t entirely alone in my opinion, and several of you compared the game negatively to the original Dead Space. “A sequel that isn’t as scary, suspenseful or enjoyable as its predecessor and crams in a crummy multiplayer mode?” Questioned aerobes, before advising you to “Rent it.”

[drop2]If you don’t want to take just aerobes word for it, Mickey2010 weighed in with this. “Loved the first game but thought this didnt really live up to that.” A shame, it would seem, that some of you weren’t quite as happy with Dead Space 2 as you were with Isaac’s first adventure, but they were in the minority overall.

That’s right, despite my own doubts about the title it seems I’m moving against the current of opinion. Although there were others who didn’t compare the game favourably to the original, they were largely very positive about the game as a whole.

For example shields_t saw the game’s shift in tone as a positive. “I can’t help but say that I felt it lost something of the first’s claustrophobic horror vibe as soon as I started playing it,” they began before suddenly switching tone, “but I soon realised that what was lacking in the scares it makes up for with sheer class scifi action. Granted, there were some very creepy elements, the nursery for example and superb plot twists (without putting out a spoiler, anyone who has played through the game will know there is a great nod about 3/4 of the way in).”

For our final opinion of the week I want to throw it over to one of the most regular WeView commentators, Origami Killer. He’s taken part almost every week, so it seems only fair to let him have the last word for the year.

One of my favourite games this year. It’s a tense and deep single player adventure. It has it’s scary moments which will no doubt make you jump – also there are some terrifying scenes I thought from visions of Isaac’s mind. The gameplay is solid – shooting feels great, no frame rate stutters and the camera angle is perfect.
The muliplayer is a little thin, not much to do once you’ve played it a few times and it gets boring quite fast.

So that’s the last of your opinions for the week, leaving us with just the community’s verdict to form. Twenty-one of you took part this week, with a tie taking place for last place. That’s right, three of you decided that game was worthy of a Rent and three decided that the game worth picking up from the Bargain Bin. Those of who can do a bit of subtraction have probably worked out that that leaves fifteen of you, and those fifteen all decided to go for Buy It.

That’s it for this year then. Make sure you check back in January to see what our new game will be.



  1. Next years game….hmmmmm how bout MW3 to get the blood stirred? :P

  2. Great game, pretty good verdict for it I guess.

  3. ds 2 was the biggest disappointment in my gaming history. the first was nigh on perfect and right up there in my all time favourite games but after two attempts i had to concede that ds2 was rubbish, strong words i know but that was honestly how i felt at the time.

  4. There is only one game that should be reviewed by us in the new year. In their language he is Dovaukin, DRAGONBORN. Skyrim. I think many a TSAer will be getting it for christmas. I know i should have it on Christmas eve and may have to fight the people at Gamestation for it.

  5. I didn’t write anything for this because I didn’t know how to say what I wanted to. Basically I loved dead space 2, a lot more than the first, though I also enjoyed that. I’m not really sure why though, specifically what it is that I preferred about the second game. I did thoroughly enjoy it though, so if I’d have voted it would definitely have been a buy it.

  6. It keeps getting compared to DS1 however if I had to play another 12-16 levels in an isolated ship/building/planet, there would have been little point me buying the sequal when I still have the first game. I can’t see that EA were able to develope Dead Space any other way. I don’t see how it can be criticised for that – the game, story, controls, graphics were all excellent, I almost can’t fault it. If someone can tell me it’s not a great game, other than that its not the same as Dead Space 1, then I am all ears.

    • I actually agree with what you have said & i unfortunately can’t tell you it is a bad game as it isn’t – It just felt like more of the same for me with less atmosphere & less ‘true’ scares &/or creepy moments. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it is that is wrong with it though (mainly because there isn’t anything ‘wrong’ with it!).

      As a result of the above though, i haven’t been drawn back to it to finish it which is a shame.

      Maybe i will find some motivation over xmas…

      • It’s a hard one isn’t it. I do understand where you are coming from too (and other similar comments), I just don’t think we can expect it to be the same game – due to the developing story and subsequent locations it naturally loses some of it’s atmosphere etc, but since this seems to have been intentional, it seems a little unfair to criticise it. As a sequal comparisons are always going to be made to the original, but in it’s own right it’s a fantastic, atmospheric game.

        If you want it to be scary and tense, try Harcore mode! ;)

      • For me, a huge minor point was that Isaac now talks, this made him just another game character, in the first game, I felt much more involved, because his silence made it feel like it was me, it was far more immersive, and far scarier because of this. I actually like the open spaces and scenery changes, that didn’t detract from the game at all to me. I agree that more narrow space corridors of gun metal grey would have been really dull. There were far less scares, it was just monsters jumping out at you, which gets boring, and most annoyingly of all, the ending steals entirely from one of the best bits in DS1, I won’t spoil it, but it just isn’t as good. :(

      • I think Isaac needed a voice sooner or later. There was only going to be so long that cut-scenes were going to be able to tip-toe around his lack of vocal presence. There would never be any relationships or questions to ask him if everything from the NPCs were just open-ended statements. And I think the voice actor was pretty suitable.

        It still comes down to this whole “less atmosphere” but “more killing”. I guess if some people didn’t enjoy it as much as DS1 then that’s fine, each to their own, and more credit to DS1 – but the people who didn’t finish it should go back to it, it’s incredibly good still and one of the best game I have played this year.

      • u will find motivation, don’t u worry… as soon u have booted up the game ur going to think: yes,Yes! awesome! =D

        but i think that they mixed it really nice in the second game since ur going to…. well u know ;)

        and i agree that its not fair that it gets compared to the first game since it would have gotten really dull if they did the same thing as the first game with dark, long corridors… and they really had to come up with something new.

      • It is still very good, I just preferred shouting my own dialogue at the screen (as I do) instead of having him say something, In the context of the game he needs a voice, but i feel it could have been designed so he’s silent. I’ll just go back to shouting my own crazy nonsense at fallout, skyrim, half life and portal where there’s no player voice :)

  7. I just didn’t get hooked on it like the last one. Still not gone back to it after my first few hours of playing it.

  8. For the record, I haven’t loaded up the multiplayer side of DS2 once, not once.

  9. Great game (I even enjoyed the multiplayer!) but it definately didn’t have the same “wow!” factor that the original had. Still, well worth the 9.99 it costs these days, especially if you get the PS3 version complete with “Extraction” light-gun game

  10. Thanks for the mention! Great game in my opinion.

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