3DS Gets Messaging Function This Week

In the run up to launch much was made of the many functions the 3DS would have, so people were disappointed to find them absent when the console finally released.

Well, this week will see Letter Box (or Swapnote in the US) hit the 3DS. This system will allow owners to send and receive messages, 2D/3D pictures, photos and sounds via StreetPass or SpotPass.


“Your Mario Kart times sux, LOL”.

Source: Press Release



  1. Ahh, another feature it should have had at launch…


  2. it’s 2011 and they did not have a messaging function?…..

    • I’m sick of modern consoles not launching with the fundamental basics that have gone before. It’s a given that previous consoles should exceed the current counterparts, but at the moment it doesn’t seem to do that!
      I expect the Wii to already have messaging, and that the 3ds also have messaging. Forgive me for being unsympathetic, but it’s the future. no offence to Sony, Microsoft of Nintendo.

  3. It’s easy to leap on the 3ds’ back it should have had this and that at launch but the ps3 was diabolical. I couldn’t access the xmb while playing the 2 games available. It still doesn’t have a chat function which is laughable

    • What doesn’t have a chat function? The 3DS i presume?

      PS3 has had chat functions for ages.

      • No the PS3 text chat is hardly a chat function for a home console.

      • Works prfectly well for me – I can always convey what i need to & take in information in a second or two. Exactly what a chat function is intended for.

      • Also, maybe I’m wrong but you are only comparing one console to another, since this gen home consoles are but 2. So by your reasoning Ossy, then Xbox doesn’t have a function for playing movies, which is laughable.

        It does have that function, and I’m sure it is very good. But since PS3 has blu-ray, then you must define xbox as having none.

        I realise I’ve taken everything you said out of context and have gone off on a tangent with a very flimsy analogy. I just can’t help but think you saying PS3 “still doesn’t have a chat function which is laughable” as the most absurd statement.

        Rant over.

      • I could have explained that better reading it back. Just making the point that you can’t say it doesn’t have the function just because its main competitor is better at it. That’s just rediculous.

      • I know it can’t have it just because Xbox does but if there’s a group of friends that want to talk they can’t. Almost everyone I know would buy a ps3 if it had voice chat. Not nessassary but a big feature which all people converting from Xbox would expect

      • PS3 has voice chat too.

  4. Awesome, not an essential extra but nice all the same :)

    • What they haven’t told you is that it will cost one meellion of your eenglesh pounds.

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