Wii U Making A Second Appearance at CES 2012

Since the Wii U’s grand unveil at E3 2011 we’ve barely heard a whisper about the console.

Get ready to at least see the thing again at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in January, as Nintendo has announced that it will “offer demos of the upcoming Wii U console to members of the media who did not see the system at the 2011 E3 Expo.”


Sounds like we’ll at least hear more about the Wii U, right?

Well… actually, no.

“Nintendo will not have a booth at CES, nor does it plan to include any games, experiences or information beyond what was available at the 2011 E3 Expo.”


Source: Joystiq




  1. How underwhelming.

  2. Too bad. I was actually looking forward to seeing more of the little bugger in action. I hope they revise the tablet controller and make it sleeker. It seems a little bulky.

  3. Considering how much their share prices plummetted the last time they mentioned it I too would be a little uneasy talking about it lol. Providing it links nicely with the 3DS (and isn’t stupidly priced of course) I’ll almost definately get one

  4. Calling it now, the Wii U will be dead on arrival.

    • or ditched completely in favour of a proper next gen machine?

      • I would say this would be the better idea – Whilst the Wii isn’t a bad console, it was mostly sold on a gimmick (albeit a good one) & it’s family friendliness – The Wii U’s gimmick isn’t good enough to be a console seller (IMO) & seems to not be family friendly at all, as it supposedly only allows one tablet. Fights will ensue.

        Bet they don’t show that on the commercial! XD

      • Would they ditch it though? They might not support it to the full expense but how much would that set them back if they completely ditched it. Must be a huge amount of revenue lost.

    • Next gen it’ll definitely be a race between Sony and Microsoft with Nintendo pushed to third. I’d love to say Sony will be first but I think Microsoft might pip them

      • Haven’t Nintendo been in third place for a looong tme already?

      • Not on console sales as the Wii has outsold the both (I think).

      • them*

        Check the console sales on vgchartz to see the massive difference between Nintendo products and the others.

  5. Well in other news Sony are going to show some new psvita games at CES :)

  6. can get hold of tickets for ces but Cant afford flights or a hotel lol not really heard much about the u but i doubt I’m the sort of market its aiming at perhaps as never was or could get into the wii. Perhaps that will change this time round

  7. I am actually getting worried about the Wii u. There’s been a lack of info from the start since E3 and there isn’t much to be heard about it.

  8. There’s a lack of information because there’s no WiiU yet, that’s why. Nintendo wasn’t being confidential by not releasing the WiiU specs, they were just showing a concept of what they want to achieve using an overclocked Wii, with more memory and a GPU from 2007 (so it will be better than the PS3). It was the same with the Wii, they first just showed a video of people playing with the controller, because there was no hardware. Then we got some tech demos (at least WiiU skipped straight for the tech demos) and for release we had a Gamecube 1.2 with faster CPU, a slightly better GPU and more memory, which shared the same security flaws of its predecessor. same story again, only that this time around it will be very difficult for Nintendo to repeat its own success for the next generation.

  9. Ya..oh. *takes down the Ninty flags,t-shirts,porn!?,cups and cakes* :p

    It seems a bit strange as Sony and MS would make a song and dance about it. I wonder if they actually have a prototype that works or if they are still working on it?

    (sorry, had to)

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