Explosive Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Trailer Released

Ok, I have to admit that I’m wearing my fanboy hat as I type this, but the latest trailer for Generations has me ridiculously excited. It shows familiar characters facing off against those new to the Naruto games, and it’s a fan’s dream. 70 characters? Yes please.

The game is due out March 30th 2012.

Source: Namco Bandai



  1. I’m a huge Naruto fan and this looks really good can’t wait to get it

  2. am a bleach fan

  3. Minato is awesome!

  4. Yas! Mucho excited

  5. can’t wait for this one. And it seems this time around we can host tournaments, maybe there will be enough TSAers to play some ;)

  6. I just noticed the release date. I think that info is new.
    Better cancel my pre-order of Street Fighter X Tekken, can’t be buying to fighting games in the same month.

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