Nintendo Release Skyward Sword Bug Fix

Remember this rather nasty game-breaking bug that was discovered in Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword? Thankfully, it would only occur if you completed the Song of Heroes quest in a certain order, however, it would prevent you from being able to make any progress in the game.

The good news now is that Nintendo has found a way to fix this issue. They have released the ‘Zelda Data Restoration Channel’ on the Wii Shop Channel, which will remove the bug once and for all.


The not-so good news is that the channel is currently only available in Japan, but still it’s promising news for those people outside of Japan who have been affected by the bug.

Source: Andriasang



  1. Is this really the best way for them to release patches? Hmmmm…

    • I thought that. Saw the headline, thought ‘YAY!’. Read the story, thought ‘weird’. Still, something’s better than nothing.

      • I wonder if it will come as a little “present” that needs to be unwrapped. Or maybe even Nintendo might deem this inappropriate!

  2. Why is this news on the ‘SONY’ bit for? Gaming internet sites are not blaming SONY for this to?(i wouldn’t be surprised) lol:D

    • Just me being a colossal moron and forgetting to set a category. Articles default to PS3 news if no category is selected D:

  3. I’m probably in the minority here but I prefer this approach to patching than Sony/Microsoft’s. Its awkward, clunky and far from ideal… encouraging developers to get their ruddy games sorted/finished before releasing them! :D

    • How long would a restaurant last, if it sent out food the chef wasn’t happy with.

      • The ‘no patching’ approach worked absolutely fine until this generation so I can’t see why it would be a big problem overall.
        Its just refreshing to fire up a 3DS game and have it actually just work. No lengthy installs, no ~500MB patches.

        The ability to patch = Developer laziness. Pure ‘n simple (in my opinion of course, as I say, I appreciate I’m the minority here) :)

  4. Although I do think a patch for mario Mario kart 7 is needed. That wuhu island loop. Snaking is back, and those blue shells are a little over zealous!

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