No More Uncharted 3 DLC, Updates Until 2012

Naughty Dog has confirmed via Facebook that the Uncharted dev has no plans to launch any new patches or downloadable content until the new year. According to the update, the earliest that we’ll be seeing any more post-launch support will be in January though a “hard date” has yet to be set.

Aside from weighted map rotations and the occasional bit of unfair matchmaking, Uncharted 3’s online multiplayer is fairly problem-free.


That said, the lack of accessible character customisation options (a feature many players were hyped for) has been a little disappointing, though this may be remedied in future DLC. Since the inclusion of “alternate aiming” the campaign is also considerably more enjoyable, somehow making gunplay a lot more accurate and fluid.

Naughty Dog has previously confirmed that the first DLC pack for Uncharted 3 will be dubbed the “Flashback Map Pack #1” and will be composed of four classic Uncharted 2 multiplayer arenas included re-worked version of The Ice Caves, Sanctuary, and The Fort.

However, as we’ve pointed at before, given the “#1” in the title, we can expect a second Flashback Map Pack, meaning that all 8 original Uncharted 2 maps will at some point feature in the sequel.

Source: Naughty Dog Official Facebook



  1. There’s loads of character customisation…
    You can’t change the base model, but there’s glasses, hats, jackets, all of which can have their colours changed, whilst the custom emblems are pretty varied and flexible too.

    • Yep, that’s what I referred to. There /are/ options but they’re limited to 1-3 hats per character (with no options for downloaded characters.)

      From the beta I was expecting to see Sully lay the smackdown in a fedora and mankini.

      • Ah, I get you. Not really a big deal for me. I’m too busy shooting anything that moves ;)

  2. I shall grab the U3 DLC bundle/pass thing over Xmas….can’t wait to open this on Christmas Day!

  3. Don’t think I’ll get the flashback pack, I somehow enjoyed the UC3 multiplayer less than UC2. I loved the simplicity, choose a skin, and some boosters, then everyone gets an AK, and is pretty much level. I can’t be bothered with treasures, load outs, kickbacks, and a few different appearance options on base models that look fairly boring. I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s just not really my thing. I think it overcomplicates the game somewhat.

    • You can always play Hardcore. It’s a throwback to Uncharted 2’s Team Deathmatch (and there are plenty of people playing it.)

      Sometimes boosters and weapon mods do seem like a nuisance but at least it adds some extra flare.

      • Only problem with Hardcore is that the FAL is so overpowered in it.

  4. Oh my word, the world has ended! No more Uncharted 3 DLC for, ooh, 2 weeks while Christmas happens. Come on Sony, not good enough ;)

  5. It’s clearly not good enough for people who coughed up 25 euros for a FHC pass that does nothing.

  6. in case anyone didn’t know, doughnut lazaravich is now free on the store for all fhc pass owners, also any one that owns the pass and bought doughnut lazaravich should be refunded.

  7. once again us as consumers get pissed on again by the by the big bad companies its just not good enough!! Lol only joking tis only a few weeks away gonna fire her up tonight i think want to replay the main campaign again with my spanking new 3d telly!

  8. I rather them work on new games than DLC really. Only because i never buy DLC because i am not spending even more on the game that i spent loads on anyway :-/

  9. I’m going to go back and finish this over the holidays, I tried the online last night but it wouldn’t connect.

    • With most games, DLC is planned way in advance. Given that most of the maps are re-makes, I doubt Naughty Dog will have spent an excessive amount of time working on DLC.

  10. Can’t believe this info has it’s own article. There is only 9 days left of 2011 and with Xmas and New Year did anyone really expect anything anyway?

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