Skyrim: The Adventures Of Strongfury – Christmas Special

Middas 23rd Evening Star 4E 201

The Whiterun market has become mobbed, full of people trying to get the last few items for their meals for the big celebration. Aela has made it clear what will happen to me if I don’t bring home some chickens for the feast we’re holding at our home. When I married her, she loved to hunt. Surely we could have gone out together to capture some fresh meat ourselves? That’s what we did a few days after the wedding, and we even fought some bandits that night.

But I suppose with the civil war over and the Stormcloaks defeated, as well as the dragon threat dwindling each day, everyone wants to return to normality. We have so many guests coming to the house, I don’t even know how they’ll all fit. The Companions will be there, as will members of the Thieves Guild. The Dark Brotherhood won’t come for obvious reasons. Jarl Balgruuf had invited us to dinner at his court but I told him we shall celebrate the New Year together at Dragonsreach instead.


The Blades are still not talking to me as I decided not to do something that they wanted me to. They’re so inflexible when it comes to their rules. They can sit in the Sky Temple and not win any friends.

Actually, I’ll take a trip over there tomorrow to try and convince them to come to the meal. I wouldn’t be in this position without their help so it seems fair. I’m sure Aela won’t mind.

Turdas 24th Evening Star 4E 201

[drop]Blasted Forsworn! You’d think at this time of year they would calm down, just like everyone else seems to be. But no, they’ll attack anyone travelling on the road near them and they wear those antlers as if they’re pretending to be Aedra Nickulas’ helpers. They look ridiculous! They have set up a new camp near the Sky Temple and seem to have blocked off the entrances to the place. I’d guess this is why the Blades did not get my invite; the fact I found the body of the courier nearby would certainly suggest it.

They all came for me but I guess they weren’t expecting someone to fight back. I had my trusty Warhammer with me and battle commenced. As we fought snow began to fall, gently at first but soon it was a blizzard. This made fighting difficult, so I made my way towards the cave entrance, forcing the Forsworn to chase me up hill and giving me the advantage in the battle.

I fought each Forsworn that came and each one fell until no more appeared. The snowfall began to ease and as it did all I saw was white. Many of the bodies were already covered by the snow, if you were walking past you wouldn’t know a small battle had just occurred here.

I entered Sky Haven and found the Blades. They looked exhausted but both held bows in their hands, pointing at me. It was Esbern who first recognised me, giving a large sigh of relief and putting the bow down. Our other Blade ally followed suit and, this surprised me, gave me a hug.

They told me that the Forsworn had besieged them, stopping them from being able to gather supplies and they were unable to get a message out for help. My arrival was in their words “a miracle” and I had saved them from certain death. I told them that they had to return with me to Whiterun, so they could relax and rest up. They said they would but first we had to set some traps in Sky Haven to stop anyone from trying to take it. It took us a few hours to set some surprises for any would be invaders, but they were satisfied and we left for Whiterun.

Fredas 25th Evening Star 4E 201

Merry Saturalia! Or, for my friends from across the seas, Happy Christmas!

Today has been an excellent day of celebration. Everyone we invited turned up and it was a nice feeling to be meeting with these friends outside of any dangerous situation. No dragons or Stormcloaks to worry about on this day. Aela and I rose early and we noticed more snow had fallen. We sat huddled together in front of the fire with a warm drink each, talking about the day to come. She just kept smiling but wouldn’t tell me why, saying I would have to wait until the meal. She has been quite secretive lately.

We exchanged gifts. I gave here a new necklace as well as a new bow, as her old one was showing signs of wear. She gave to me a new helm and a collection of some books. We did not sit at the fire much longer as there was much preparation to do.

Aela would not let me in the kitchen, saying I would not be able to cook the feast she intended to make, so I was made to chop some firewood and lay the table. What a change from my life as an adventurer. Do I miss that life? Occassionally, but I am happy and content now. I went out into the town square which was quiet as it was still early. The Jarl had decorations hung up around Whiterun and with the snow laying on the ground I could not help feeling festive.

Much of the morning and afternoon passed by quickly but soon enough our guests started to arrive. The Blades and Companions came first and together, as the Blades were staying at Jorvasskar. The group bought with them some mead and a selection of sweet dishes. The Blades were already looking in better condition than when I found them yesterday.

We sat around and spoke of adventures past and what the future may bring, but we were soon interrupted by another presence. The Thieves Guild had arrived and had managed to sneak into the house without our knowledge. True professionals. After the initial surprise, I welcomed them into the home and got them some seats at the table. The Guild had bought with them soups and broth. I didn’t ask if they had cooked it themselves or not because I would rather not know the answer.

[drop2]Eventually, Aela announced that the main meal was ready and I had the honour of carving the chickens. It’s a much easier job than carving dragons. I gave the first part to Aela, as she was the cook and deserved it, then served the meat to all the other guests. We shared the food and the mead the guests had bought, all talking of our own pasts and swapping adventure stories. Brynjolf  had a particularly funny tale about getting stuck in an inn and the lady proprietor trapping him in the bedroom.

As the food was cleared, Aela stood to make a speech and asked me to join her, which I did. She started by thanking all the guests for coming and for the gifts and food they brought. She also spoke about how she never thought she would get married but now she had, she wouldn’t want anything else. Then she turned to me and looked me in the eyes. At this moment the whole room felt silent. I didn’t know what was going on but then Aela said these words.

“I am with child.”

Yes! I, Strongfury, am going to be a father! When Aela told me, I grabbed her and spun her around while the guests all cheered. I didn’t think I’d be a father but now I look forward to this new chapter in my life. I may have to hang up my adventuring boots for good and find a stable job in town. I’ll go to the Jarl tomorrow and ask about any openings. I hear guard work pays well.

Merry Saturalia! Happy Christmas! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!



  1. Have a good one, strongfury. And damn, you worked quickly on Aela.

  2. there’s a day called turd ass in skyrim?
    snigger. ^_^

  3. Excellently written again. Shame the story had to end, but a great read nonetheless.

  4. Thanks Strongfurey for spreading some christmas cheer in Skyrim.

    • Oops Im terrible at reviewing my comments I meant Strongfury.

  5. YES! Strongfury is retiring, leaving me to conqur Skyrim for the glory of the guild of drunken nords,imperials,elves and
    cheeeeesseeee! :p

    Excellent crimbo special Arran.I wonder if you plan on doing another diary where Strongfury has settled into retired life and his son/daughter is nearly 18?

  6. auw how lovely, really enjoyed that

  7. Did this really happen?!

    • I doubt it as i don’t recall christmas being in the world of the Elder Scrolls.;) Arran wanted to end Strongfury’s story and Christmas seemed ideal imo. If it did actually happen in Skyrim then well done Bethesda. If not, then i’m going to say that Alduin is the Grinch of Skyrim. ;)

    • No. I took the Elder Scrolls holiday of Saturalia and made a final post of the Strongfury series. My character did marry Aela though.

      • I had no idea that existed in the Elder Scrolls Lore. It seems that you are a bigger expert then i am at the Elder Scrolls lore. *heads to an undisclosed location and rereads all of the lore* :p

  8. Huzzah for Strongfury! Magnificent!

  9. Nice one, now I’m all nostalgic for Skyrim – and I only played it yesterday. Maybe Strongfury should be a permanent avatar for TSA who gets wheeled out for special occasions? Love the articles, have a good one :)

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