Christmas Discussion

Christmas is, quite obviously, a time for giving. In fact the winter holidays of most religions are, and even if you don’t follow any religion and steer clear of Christmas it’s good to give. Although I might stress about what to buy people, that’s more because I want to get them something that shows I care, rather than giving something to just have given. The act of giving any old gift is not, in itself, that enjoyable, for me it’s about giving the right gift; perhaps something they need but wouldn’t buy for themselves, or something they would never even think of.

However, with giving comes receiving gifts. I mean I don’t give to receive, I really don’t, but if people are giving someone must be receiving. You can’t just give a gift to thin air, the equation has to balance out on both sides. Unless you’re the only generous person you know, the odds are probably tilted in favour of you having received something on the big day. Maybe even before the big day if you’re lucky.

As I write this it’s not even Christmas Eve so I can’t speak much about what I’ve received, although my flatmates got me a lovely hamper of food and some superhero socks. I’m actually wearing the Daredevil pair right now and I seriously cannot express how happy that makes me. Is that stupid? Probably, but I’m a complete sucker for anything related to comic books. And come on, Daredevil is pretty cool. Spider-Man is being saved specifically for Christmas day, no other hero will do for the festivities.

That’s far too much about socks though, I know it’s not the most thrilling of subjects. The whole point of this is to discuss what you got or what you gave, what you did and who you did it with. Did you have a good day? Was the turkey wondrous, or just a little too dry? Maybe you didn’t have a turkey at all, as crazy as that seems to me.

So lets hear it: Just how did you spend yesterday?



  1. Goldeneye And Saints Row The Third

  2. As for the day itself, it went pretty well, had an easy day, games, turkey, Doctor Who and Eastenders.

  3. Great day yesterday. Lovely Christmas dinner, and food in the evening. Great to see all my family too. I got Skyrim and MW3, Skyrim is awesome so far, can’t say the same for MW3 (it’s boring! a case of seen it all before). I did get socks too, but not super hero socks, just normal ones :P

  4. Game gift cards, too much food and spending lovely time with the family.

    • I got £30 in GAME vouchers and Batman :)
      Some tempters in the GAME sale too!

  5. Got some money, some Cohibas, and a bunch of crap. I spent the day playing Halo coop with my brother and the had dinner at my grandma’s. The missus did the same thing sans the Halo coop session. :)

  6. i got Tekken Hybrid, loved tag.
    and my PSN balance now reads £90

  7. crywanking.

    • Happy and sad tears, eh? Awesome.

  8. Got nothing, played worms for 30 mins, spent rest of time with son and wife watching films, dr who, michael mcintyre and victoria wood

  9. Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting and 64gig ipod plus a little 7 games and loads da tunes…

  10. Got 3 different kinds of parfumes with deo (for men), some clothes and some other stuff. Oh, and a PlayStation Vita (gave that one to myself). Still on it’s way though.

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