Jaffe Announces Twisted Metal New-Buy Bonus

Twisted Metal co-creator David Jaffe has recently revealed that anyone who picks up a new copy of the game next February will receive a coupon for PS2 classic, Twisted Metal: Black. To clarify this will be a downloadable version of the original Black, not the multiplayer variant, Black Online, Jaffe citing it as the series’ biggest milestone to date.

It has yet to be confirmed whether the Black re-release will fall into Sony’s “Classics HD” series or if the title will support trophies. Launching in the Summer of 2001, Black was met with an outstanding critical response, still sitting on a remarkable Metacritic average of 91.


It’s undoubtedly a great haul for long-time TM fans and newcomers alike, presenting a piece of the popular franchise’s heritage that isn’t tied into any retail-exclusive pre-order scheme.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. Not a fan of the Twisted Metal games, happy to pass on this.

    • I’ve never played one so I’d quite like to get a shot of the new sequel

    • Same here. To me it looks like you drive around while holding down the fire button and that’s about it.

      • No, I think it seems to be Mario Karts Battle-Mode for adults (not saying MK is a kiddie-game, I love it. But you get the point…)

  2. Great :-)

  3. Looking forward to some car combat. Still got Vigilante 8 on the N64.

  4. Would have thought something ac/dc related would have been suitable for this! :P

  5. Personally I don’t get car combat, its neither a good shooter nor a good ‘racer’.

    Jaffe is a breath of fresh air in an industry where PR is king he literally doesn’t give a feck + his most recent video blog on racism has convinced me to take a punt on this, so including TM Black is all the better

    • Wait, you’ve never played games like Destruction Derby or that destruction mode in Full Throttle? For me it’s a nice touch of nostalgia – it’s not supposed to be a racer or a shooter but just about having some plain old fun. And Jaffe always adds unique elements to his games and Twisted Metal is a prime example of that.

      • Yeah I never got into car combat games either, I’d be willing to take a punt on Twisted Metal PS3 though particularly given the added incentive of the freebie. Jaffe does indeed come across as something of an industry inigma, it’s always refreshing to see somebody willing to challenge the establishment from the inside.

  6. The game will be great!!! Will easily stand as the most fun MP game this generation :D

  7. Great incentive for those on the fence. I’m still on the fence. ;)

  8. I hope it’s a proper HD upgrade with trophies, Black was awesome!

    • It’s the normal game that was released in 2001. But i’m happy they are doing that so they work 100% on the new Twisted Metal instead.

  9. looking forward to this big style!

  10. Had a lot of fun with the original but I don’t think this is for me. Maybe I’ve just grown up? ;)

    Do like Jaffe, though.

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